Imran Khan’s Ex-Wife Reveals All his Dark Sides : Bollywood Affairs, Physical Relations, Indian Kids

Imran Khan who is one of the most famous Pakistani cricketers has been dealing with many controversies these days. His ex-wife Reham Khan has put many allegations on this  Pakistani leader. Imran Khan has been a big name in the politics of Pakistan as of now and the statements of his ex-wife can definitely put him into a big trouble and can affect him politically. She has revealed many shocking statements about Imran Khan and the whole Pakistan has been talking about the allegations put by his ex-wife.

According to the reports, Reham Khan, who was the ex-wife of Imran Khan has stated that Imran Khan has many affairs in the Bollywood film industry and not only that, but he also has many Indian kids. She has been stating confidently that he has indulged in many physical relations in India and that’s quite shocking for the whole Pakistan. She has also stated that Imran Khan has indulged in drugs, sex, massaging private parts and also black magic. This statement from his ex-wife is definitely going to put this Pakistani leader into a big trouble.

Recently her ex-wife launched an autobiography named ‘Reham Khan’ which talks about her life and also includes a major part of Imran Khan’s life. The book reveals many shocking facts and is gaining immense heat in the media. Reham Khan is a British Pakistani who got married to Imran Khan in 2015 in the month of January. She got divorced in just 10 months after a very unsuccessful married life with Imran. The book launched by her has a lot about Imran’s connection with India and his affairs in the Bollywood film industry.

Talking more about Reham Khan, she had been advising Imran Khan to be like Narendra Modi and told him that he should be aiming to be at the top but only step by step. Imran Khan was dreaming to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan but his ex-wife suggested him to be grounded.  In the book, Reham writes what she had said to him. Reham had said,

“I would gently and repeatedly give the example of Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, who was Chief Minister of Gujarat for a decade, and then elected to the top job because of his seemingly strong governance record, despite all the other negative baggage.”

Talking about the Bollywood affairs of Imran Khan, Resham wrote,

“Considered to be one of the sexiest heroines of all time, there had been rumours of Imran and her. We had heard these whilst we were growing up. Imran confirmed to me that they were true. Though Imran was happy to sexually engage with actresses, he and the family clearly thought little of them. He recalled with a smile how his mother had been called by the newspapers, asking about the actress. She had replied, “My son would never marry a prostitute!” and slammed the phone down.

Imran’s stories always painted the women in an unflattering light. He told me how he met her in Bombay, had his fill, and moved on. But according to Imran, the lady followed him to London and became clingy. Imran said she scared him because she would ask to be slapped around during sex. Apparently, she was used to this kind of violence. Her boyfriend at the time had reportedly hit her in front of his guests at a party in a hotel, and so badly that her eye was left with permanent damage. I would check both of these stories with a film producer friend of hers months later, who told me that it was actually Imran who had chased her, and that she had been very financially benevolent towards him. The sexy bombshell of the 70s had described the interaction with our mutual friend rather disparagingly (in her filmy words) as, ‘Naam baray aur darshan chotay’ (the hype was bigger than the rather small package on offer).”

Imran Khan's Ex-Wife

Reham Khan also states that he has five children in all which also includes Indian children. According to Reham Khan, Imran Khan had told her that he has five children and the eldest is 34 years old. The news has shocked all the Pakistani media and the fans and followers of Imran Khan. The book of Reham Khan has been one of the hottest topics in the media and this would definitely, lead to some trouble for the Pakistani leader, Imran Khan.


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