Ibrahim’s Cute Throwback Pics With Sara Will Leave You in Splits

Ibrahim’s Throwback Pics With Sara:

Ibrahim Ali Khan shared some cute throwback pics with his elder sibling cum Bollywood newbie: Sara Ali Khan, but his relatable caption will leave you in splits.

Digging out old albums and sharing vintage pics have become a common phenomenon nowadays. A lot of celebrities from around the world have been sharing their old photos on their social media pages much to the excitement of their fans. A whilst back, Ibrahim Ali Khan, who also has become very much active on Instagram shared an unseen throwback pic with his sister cum actor Sara Ali Khan. He posted the pic with a hilarious caption which shows the typical brother-sister relationship.

In this pic that we are talking about, a chubby Sara is seen looking down wearing a casual outfit while Ibrahim smiles in a naughty way and also donned spectacles. Ibrahim captioned the photo stating,

“The face I make when it’s me who can bully Sara now”.

Have a look at the pic below:

Sometime back during an interaction with Hello! magazine, Ibrahim spoke about Sara by saying,

“The relationship we (Sara and I) share is just perfect – we rarely fight and that’s perhaps because we have a five-year gap between us. On occasions that we do, it’s over the stupidest things. We are very close and love each other a lot.”

Whilst Sara had revealed about Ibrahim to Hindustan Times,

“I think Ibrahim does want to be an actor. We talk about films and I do know that being an actor is what he dreams of. But I have also often told him that having a dream and living it are two different things. There is a lot of hard work because it’s not just glitz and glamour and I think he is aware of that. If he puts his heart and soul into something, he can do it. I have seen him do plays and all before and I think he has a lot of conviction and a lot of talent. But to be honest with you, I am his sister and I will have some bias.”


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