More Trouble For Hrithik: Super 30 Full Movie Is Available Online For Free Download

Just a few hours into its release, Hrithik Roshan starrer Super 30 full movie has been leaked online for free download on pirated sites and we wonder how Hrithik will overcome this hurdle!

Helmed by Vikas Behl, Super 30 is a biopic on mathematician Anand Kumar’s life, who is the founder of Super 30 programme and has garnered positive reviews from many critics as well as the movie-goers. But this unwanted and unexpected online leak might hamper the business of the film at the box office.

More Trouble For Hrithik: Super 30 Full Movie Is Available Online For Free Download
Hrithik: Super 30 Full Movie

But on the other hand, many Bollywood celebs hailed Hrithik Roshan after watching Super 30 and below are their reactions…

In the beginning, “Super 30” was embroiled in trouble after its director: Vikas Behl was summoned to face a trial for a sexual harassment charges complaint filed against him. And his name was removed from credits section to avoid any controversy. Only after the authorities cleared him of all these charges he was given the official credit of being film’s director.

The movie was again embroiled in a controversy when some people raised objections on Hrithik’s face color in the movie. It was alleged that Anand Kumar whom Hrithik is portraying in the biopic is having not that much of dark color face as is shown on the silver screen. Mrinal Thakur his leading lady on-screen came in his defense.

In the entertainment industry rumors and disputes sometimes help a film make some more money. There have been some cases in the past where filmmakers have been caught red-handed doing such things. But in Super 30’s case, this online leak has taken that advantage too.

We all know that in most cases, these online leaked versions are of poor and compromised quality. So, those who wish to watch “Super 30” in good quality can still help Super 30 makers make some money over the coming time period.


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