Hrithik Roshan And Tiger Shroff Will Crash Their Bikes Into Each Other. Here’s Why

Both these Guru and Chela (unofficially) have shot a risky scene for their upcoming film: WAR. In this scene, Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff, who are pitted against each other in the frame, will be shown in a deadly bike chase sequence. As per the incoming reports, both these actors will end up crashing through glass window panes.

This is not new for these two, as both are fitness freaks and action scenes are their favorite, when they are not romancing the leading lady(s).

Hrithik Roshan Tiger Shroff
Hrithik Roshan Tiger Shroff

These are Director: Siddharth Anand’s words,

“This was an incredibly high-risk scene as my actors could have got severely injured had any one single detail not worked out perfectly. It’s a high-speed motorcycle chase scene that will see Hrithik riding a superbike and Tiger chasing him on foot. It needed Tiger to showcase his parkour prowess to time his jump perfectly so that he crashes into Hrithik and both of them break through glass window panes! On top of that, we conceptualised this bit at a blind spot, a juncture where two lanes meet so both Hrithik and Tiger couldn’t time their movement by looking at each other!”

There’s more from Sid,

“Though all safety precautions were in place, the scene definitely needed their focus, razor-sharp instinct and trust in each other as actors to pull it off. We were all praying that everything goes as per plan. Hrithik and Tiger have a great camaraderie and faith in each other and people will see that when they watch this film. I’m thankful to them for pulling off these risky stunts that has made War such a visual spectacle.”

Both these action heroes who admire each other like Guru and Chela are sharing the screen space for the very first time. In response to Tiger admitting himself as a huge Hrithik fan, latter said in a F2F with a paper,

“My words won’t do justice to the kind of talent Tiger possesses.”


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