Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30 Gets a New Release Date

In the past, there were reports that Kangana Ranaut’s Mental Hai Kya was to clash with Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30 at the box office. But as we all know that a fight is in no one’s interest, so Hrithik promised that Super 30 will get a new release date and he has delivered on his promise.

Going in details, Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan will no longer lock horns at the box office as ‘Super 30’ will hit the theatres on July 12, whereas Kangana’s ‘Mental Hai Kya’ will release on July 26. Trade analyst Taran Adarsh shared this news with the public with a tweet. He shared,

“#BreakingNews: #Super30 release date finalized: 12 July 2019.”

As we have reported in the past, that both the cast members of this movie and its makers were having an ugly word exchange in public, that is slowly becoming a normal B-town behavior not limited to them alone.

The same date release will do no good to both these films when it comes to box-office business, so, both sides realized corrected their doings in time and Hrithik Roshan shared an official statement on Twitter stating that he is postponing the release date of his film followed by Ekta Kapoor making public the revised release date of her ‘Mental hai Kya’.

The official statement read like this,

“So as to not allow my film to be desecrated by yet another media circus, I have decided to shift the release date of my film ‘Super30’ in order to save myself from the personal trauma and toxic mental violence this would cause.”

Hrithik Roshan Super 30 Kangana Ranaut Mental Hai Kya

As both, Kangana and her sister cum manager Rangoli, were not ready to back down in favor of good. But Mental Hai Kya maker Ekta Kapoor acted as a true business person and had a F2F with her childhood friend Hrithik and said that it is her prerogative as a producer to decide the release date.

It remains to be seen whether both these sisters will learn a lesson that both business and personal vendetta cannot go along for long.


Gaurav Gupta

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