Hindustani Bhau Files FIR Against Ekta & Shobha Kapoor

The popular YouTuber: Hindustani Bhau who has the reputation of always being vocal about ‘anti-national’ videos that make it to the Internet has filed a police complaint against the Producers cum Mother-Daughter Duo: Shobha & Ekta Kapoor.

Reason: They disrespected the Indian Army in their new show ‘XXX 2’.

Hindustani Bhau Ekta Shobha Kapoor
Hindustani Bhau Ekta Shobha Kapoor

Hindustani Bhau informed his followers about this happening through his Instagram page.

Hindustani Bhau captioned his post with the words that read,

“Kal Bollywood Ki Bohot Badi Hasti Ke Khilaf FIR. @alikaashifkhan @narendramodi @adityathackeray @mumbaipolice @shifuji_jaihind @indianarmy.adgpi”. Today he wrote, “Kuch hi der main humare Bollywood ki janimani Hasti ko uski aukaat dikhane police station ja raha hu.. Jai Hind”.

Bhau also posted the proof that prompted him to go this far. Bhau accused Shobha & Ekta Kapoor of disrespecting the Indian army in an episode of ALTBalaji series XXX 2. He supported his claim by sharing a video in which he could be heard saying,

“Our army is our pride and the woman indulges in a sexual act with a man, who wears her husband’s uniform. This is shameful as they have made a joke of our soldiers.”

Bhau also revealed,

“The police has assured that they will investigate the matter, and keep me updated about the same.”

Bhau captioned the video with words,

“Police complaint filed in the Khar Police Station against Ekta Kapoor. Police Complaint filed today by me against anti-national people Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor for disrespecting our Indian military, national emblem, colonel tag and defaming our country.”

Hindustani Bhau Ekta Shobha Kapoor
Hindustani Bhau Ekta Shobha Kapoor

Have a look at the video below:

Bhau, original name: Vikas Pathak, also posted another video with a caption that read,

“Indian army se maafi mango Ekta Kapoor or Shobha Kapoor.”

Have a look:

Central Govt. has already in place a separate entity that is empowered with taking actions against such incidents whenever they are reported or on its own.


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