With His Upcoming Flick, Himesh Reshammiya Is Making A Double Role Comeback

Last seen in 2016, in ‘Tera Suroor’, Himesh Reshammiya is back on the silver screen as an actor. His upcoming flick which is a romantic-comedy is titled: ‘Happy Hardy And Heer’. But wait there’s a twist to all this. He will be playing a double role in the movie.

The filmmakers released a three-minute teaser, which gives a glimpse of the four songs from the film along with an intro about the characters.

The film’s story goes like this, Harpreet Singh Lamba a.k.a. Happy is on a trip to Europe from Punjab with his love interest Heer (Sonia Mann), and Harshvardhan Bhatt a.k.a Hardy, a rich Gujarati businessman who completes this typical love triangle.

Both Happy and Hardy are Himesh Reshammiya’s dual appearances in the movie.

Check out the teaser below:

Himesh Reshammiya’s official statement read like this,

“We have made these songs with a lot of love and (these are) songs which are timeless melodies and have a shelf life like my other songs. This film has lovely characters and song situations which take the story forward and not even a single song is out of place or forced in the story and yet every song has tremendous audio and visual appeal and personal identification for every music lover in the country. Happy Hardy and Heer has a beautiful script which is a very entertaining love story for which it was very important to have great music and I’m really proud of the script and the music of the film. We are releasing the teaser today which gives a feel to the music of the film. We will release the trailer of the film in August and we will release the film in September.”

He shared further,

“Choreographer-turned-director Raka has done a great job and the dialogues by Bunty Rathore are funny and witty yet meaningful which go very well with the mood of this happy fun romantic musical set in Scotland. The characters of Happy Hardy and Heer are very pure at heart and so is the music of the film. It was important for the concept of the film, to release the musical teaser of the film before its theatrical trailer which we are doing today. After this teaser, we (will) start releasing all the songs and then the official trailer of the film will come in August, till then I want people to enjoy the music of the film.”

In His Upcoming Flick Teaser, Himesh Reshammiya Is Making A Double Role Comeback
In His Upcoming Flick Teaser, Himesh Reshammiya Is Making A Double Role Comeback

Salman Khan too joined in Himesh’s movie promotion effort by sharing the teaser link on his Twitter page and wrote, “Are waa Himesh.”

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