HERE’s WHY Shashi Tharoor Aishes ‘All Indian Women To Be As Empowered’ As Kangana Ranaut

Author & politician Shashi Tharoor had written a response to Kangana Ranaut on Twitter after her tweets to his call for making homemaking a salaried profession.

Shashi Tharoor
Shashi Tharoor

Kangana Ranaut had tweeted on Tuesday:

“Don’t put a price tag on sex we have with our love, don’t pay us for mothering our own, we don’t need salary for being the Queens of our own little kingdom our home, stop seeing everything as business. Surrender to your woman she needs all of you not just your love/respect/salary.”

To this Shashi Tharoor replied on Wednesday saying

“I agree w/ @KanganaTeam that there are so many things in a homemaker’s life that are beyond price. But this is not about those things: it’s about recognising the value of unpaid work & also ensuring a basic income to every woman. I’d like all Indian women to be as empowered as you!”

Take a look at the tweet:

Earlier on Tuesday, Shashi Tharoor had supported Kamal Haasan’s tweet & had said

“This will recognise & monetise the services of women homemakers in society, enhance their power& autonomy & create near-universal basic income.”

Take a look at Kangana’s tweet:

Ranaut had later also tweeted to a user saying, calling ‘the idea of paying someone and making them into an ’employee’ a ‘painful’ thought.

Ranaut later patted herself on the back as she believed that she could hold conversations on an overabundance of topics. She wrote:

“Lot of people are jealous of my ability to debate on almost any topic how I peel psychological layers of my opponents and penetrate like X ray in to any subject. Don’t be jealous or angry try and sharpen your intellect and really truly invest yourself in your surroundings.”

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