Here’s How Vicky Kaushal, THE BOY WITH BAD TEETH Conquered Bollywood

Though Vicky Kaushal doesn’t possess the conventional traits that a Bollywood actor must have, still he has been successful in proving his worth with each and every film he has played a role in. Mozez Singh the director of Vicky in Zubaan recalls how he was in the beginning.

Vicky Kaushal Bollywood
Vicky Kaushal Bollywood

Mozez says that he met Vicky on a late evening where he landed up at his office for an audition for his debut feature, Zubaan. Vicky may have been the 400th actor who was coming to him for the audition. Mozez, along with his team had been auditioning people for five months and had rejected each candidate. It was high time for him and he was really frustrated since he was unable to find the right candidate for the role.

Vicky Kaushal Bollywood
Vicky Kaushal Bollywood

One fine day, his producer Guneet Monga suggested Vicky’s name to him but told him that he (Vicky) was an AD actor and that he should not expect much from him but can surely give it a try. Vicky according to Mozez looked like a tall, skinny, scrawny fellow who had bad skin & bad teeth but he describes him as a person who has a hunger and earnestness in his eyes that he did not see in the other 400 boys that got rejected. He took a look at him and internally he had already decided not to cast the fellow (Vicky) in the film. To him he seemed to be ‘too unpolished’ but he auditioned him nonetheless.

Mozez then gave him the sides and told him to prepare himself for the act without showing any interest but when Vicky came into action, he mad Mozez go jaw-dropped. He could not believe what he saw and it gave him goosebumps when Kaushal acted. The sensitivity, intensity, the heft he displayed while he acted were something far beyond what he had expected from him and all this took him by shock.

His auditions kept on for 10 days:

I made him audition many scenes that evening. Each time he was better than the last. Then I called him to my office the next day and for the next 10 days and made him test each scene from the script. Every day he was better than the last. He was phenomenal.

Recently Mozez said that he is not at all surprised to see Vicky’s spectacular rise and also that what the audience has seen of him till now is nothing. He is a consummate all-rounder who can deliver anything. He has seen him do it all & his brilliance is rare & unparalleled. The more complex the part, the more easily he will succeed. With big tent pole movies like Takht in his grasp, he will shine blindingly.

He said it is his understanding of reality that will always be the ultimate trump card for Kaushal and he hopes he never loses that. He doesn’t think he will. He said he has a loving family that has no time for the fluff of stardom and they keep each other real and he has witnessed this at close quarters.

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