Here’s An App For Every Indian to Find Entertaining Content

Are you also stuck in lockdown? Finding it difficult to pass time. Don’t worry here’s an app that will help you pass time and find the content according to your taste and needs.

Why this app was developed? During this lockdown, most of us are feeling negative with things going around us. Also, sometimes it gets difficult to pass time. Then, we cannot find what to watch. So, Fresh Maal aims to solve this for you.

FreshMaal app is a very light app, won’t take much of your storage space. For every Indian, get ready to be entertained. You will find videos, clips, pieces from various fields of cricket, Bollywood, tv shows, science etc. So, don’t be bored with the regular news. We aim to bring you some positive and entertaining things. This will help you in passing time and enjoy things at the same time.

You can download this entertaining app from Google Play store here: www.freshmaal.com

Click to Download on the Google button here:

Aditya Goel

Aditya Goel is the CEO of QuirkyByte Media. He has 14 different specializations varying from Mathematics to Computer Programming and has written for various blogs and worked as a freelance writer, programmer and developer on Elance and Freelancer. Very passionate about Technology, Movies, International TV shows especially White Collar and Cricket as a sport.
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