Harleen Sethi Finally Breaks Her Silence on Her Break-Up With Vicky Kaushal

In the past few days, Vicky Kaushal found his personal life becoming a topic of discussion on social media. It all began when the reports of him breaking up with his actress-girlfriend Harleen Sethi started doing the rounds. And what ignited this conversation was the mentioned female actress unfollowing him on Instagram. In addition, Vicky also admitted publicly that he was single when asked about his relationship status.

Vicky Kaushal Harleen Sethi

Now finally, Harleen has also come out with her part of the details. In a F2F with Pinkvilla recently, she said that while she doesn’t feel anything about all these dating and breakup rumors about her doing rounds in the public, it does concern her family.

She said,

“Honestly, it did not bother me but it did bother my family and friends. As an individual, we all have our own identities. I was associated with a movie star and I haven’t done a movie yet, doesn’t make me any less. I still love myself.”

She wishes that her work should speak for her.

“I would love to be known as Harleen Sethi. I am Harleen Sethi. I think it will be unfair to call someone else my ex-boyfriend, right.”

When asked about the person who was the inspiration behind her poem writing. She revealed that it was her brother. She shared with confidence that break up didn’t bog him down at all. Below is the poem that she penned and shared:

“From where I started, To where I’ve come, I didn’t design this path. His will was welcome. Fearlessly hustling. Energetic and bustling. I found who I was. A small fish in a big pond. I enjoyed the eccentricities. Performances and anxieties. Feeling alive everyday. Making a mark in my own way.” She further wrote, “Link ups don’t build me. Breakups don’t break me. Wins don’t fill me. Failures don’t kill me. I feel complete. I feel sufficient. I have my own swag. I am my own tag. #iammyowntag #harleensethi.”

Reading the poem, it was clear that hints were at Vicky.


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