Rapper: Hard Kaur And Rajinesh Duggal Uncovers B-Town’s Drug Abuse 

Just recently, many big B-town celebs: Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Vicky Kaushal, Shahid Kapoor and others came under the scanner after SAD MLA Manjinder S. Sirsa posted a video and accused them of being in a ‘drugged state’ at Karan Johar’s party, that took place last Saturday. He accused them of setting a bad example as a public figure.

His controversial tweets lit fire on social media in the form of a debate. While most B-town citizens choose to remain silent, some chose to become an exception. Like Rapper Hard Kaur, actor Rajniesh Duggal and others.

All these shared some of film industry’s dirty secrets concerning drug abuse.

Hard Kaur Rajinesh Duggal Drug Abuse B-Town
Hard Kaur Rajinesh Duggal Drug Abuse B-Town

Hard Kaur told TOI,

“It was okay till ‘gaanja’ was the in-thing, nowadays the industry maxim is if you don’t do coke, you ain’t cool. Doing drugs has become a showoff factor. Cocaine, after all, is an expensive drug. It’s like a gang vs gang thing. The ones that stay together snort together.”

She gave more details,

“It’s almost like I can do what I want (because) I am a star. Apparently, you are supposed to have a ‘sex, drugs and rock n’ roll’ lifestyle. I’m not a perfect person you have seen me under the influence of alcohol, but I’m constantly aware of actors and models indulge in these things. Everyone does it.”

Hard Kaur Rajinesh Duggal Drug Abuse B-Town
Hard Kaur Rajinesh Duggal Drug Abuse B-Town

Rajneish Duggal revealed,

“Drugs are available everywhere. It is up to the individual to indulge in such habits. Drug abuse is not profession-based. It is a personal choice, and everyone from celebrities to commoners should keep in mind that if it is banned, it shouldn’t be done.”

Hard Kaur Rajinesh Duggal Drug Abuse B-Town
Hard Kaur Rajinesh Duggal Drug Abuse B-Town

VJ Nikhil Chinapa shared,

“The issue of drugs is a social problem. It is not connected to only the music of film industries. People from the world of sports also have drug problems. In fact, the world of sports has a big problem with drugs. From what I have read, the major issue with drugs does not concern illegal drugs as much as it concerns pharmacy drugs. People are addicted to painkillers and cough syrups. That is the bigger issue you should talk about.

People who take drugs don’t come from a specific sphere of life, and it doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, sportsmen or industrialist, music or actor or entrepreneur.”

All this didn’t stop at this, there were more details that accused almost every B-Town citizen of indulging in these activities that are harmful to one’s professional and personal life both.

May be this could be the hidden secret behind Akshay Kumar and few other Bollywood names being absent from Bollywood hosted parties.


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