Gulshan Devaiah Takes an Indirect Dig at Kangana Ranaut

Gulshan Devaiah without mentioning Kangana Ranaut’s name has raised a sensible question ‘How Will You Feel If Those You Are Ridiculing Decide To End Themselves?’. He used a series of tweets to convey his stealth message. Ever since Sushant Singh Rajput died by suicide for reasons that are most probably nepotism, favoritism and film industry mafia, Twitter has become a hot platform for all the celebrities as well as the netizens, who are constantly sharing their views on these topics. Some are even going to the extent of suggesting that there should be a boycott of movies that feature star kids.

Gulshan Devaiah Kangana Ranaut
Gulshan Devaiah Kangana Ranaut

Just this week, actresses like Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhasker gave their reaction to Kangana Ranaut’s allegations that latter made against the duo on national television during a F2F with Arnab Goswami. Whilst a lot of netizens backed Kangana, some did the alternate and came out in support of Taapsee and Swara.Now, Karnataka based actor Gulshan Devaiah made a series of tweets without taking any celebrity’s name and raised an important question that has grabbed netizens’ eyeballs for good.

“I am not an outsider or an insider. I feel comfortable being me. I exist, I belong & my life has meaning. I don’t depend on anyone else to tell me all these things.This is how I want to be & I definitely don’t want anyone else to fight for me either & I am grade A+++.”

Despite the fact that Gulshan’s tweet did not name anyone it does seem that his tweet looked like a reference to Kangana’s statement, wherein she had called Taapsee & Swara ‘B-grade’ actresses.

Gulshan didn’t stop and further tweeted,

“Being civil is honourable but it’s not entertaining and hence the crusaders choose the entertaining way. How will you feel if those who you are ridiculing (not taking sides here) decide to do ‘end themselves’ due to the constant harassment? Will you feel victorious? Will it give you a sense of achievement?”

Gulshan Devaiah Kangana Ranaut
Gulshan Devaiah Kangana Ranaut

Whilst on one hand some praised Gulshan for his thought-provoking tweet, others criticised the actor for indirectly taking a dig at Kangana’s statement.


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