Go Goa Gone Sequel All Set To Release In 2019? Read All the Details!

Go Goa Gone which was released in the year 2013 and featured Kunal Khemu, Vir Das, and Saif Ali Khan was really a mindblowing comedy film. The film won hearts of many Bollywood fans and received immense appreciation for its unique concept. Even the song ‘Babaji Ki Booti’ of this amazing film got stuck to the minds of the fans. The film was based on the concept of zombies and went on to be a hit at the box office. The acting of all the stars of the film including ‘Saif Ali Khan’ was just phenomenal and influenced a large number of Bollywood fans. Now, without much further ado, let’s talk about the Go Goa Gone Sequel!
Earlier the reports were coming about the sequel of this fantastic film and people were wondering when actually the film would come out. The first part of the film they truly loved the zombies’ fight and also the unique avatar of Saif Alli Khan as a Russian Mafia. Well, now the good news is that the director of this film has confirmed that the sequel of this film has been planned and it will be going to release in the year 2019. The reports also state that the name which they have decided this time for the sequel is ‘Go Goa Gone 2: Babaji Ki Booty’.

Go Goa Gone Sequel

Another interesting thing about this sequel of ‘Go Goa Gone’ is that in this part, instead of the fight of zombies, there would be fights between aliens. So in this part, we are going to see the star cast fighting with aliens. The concept of this part seems really interesting and the fans seem very excited to witness this madness on the big screen. The star cast has been prepared and the shooting is going to start very soon for this sequel of ‘Go Goa Gone’.

According to the reports of DNA, Raj, who is the director of this film, told that people have been asking him about the sequel of ‘Go Goa Gone’ wherever he goes. People have shown a lot of interest and are very excited to witness the sequel to this film which was a laugh riot. He feels that there is something about this film with which the people have been able to connect and so he also said that now he and DK feel that they should come up with a sequel.

Go Goa Gone Sequel
Go Goa Gone Sequel

Raj said to DNA, “ Wherever we go, people kept asking for the next part to Go Goa Gone. We realized that there must be something about the film, which the people really connected with. So, both DK and I decided that we should come up with a sequel. We were working on an idea and it came through really well.” So both the directors were working on the idea for this sequel and now they feel that they have come up with something really good which we hope would be able to entertain the fans in the same manner in which the first part did.

The producer of the film also told that the script is really crazy and he only revealed that this time Saif and his team is going to fight with the aliens. The producer also told that the film is set in Manali and they would begin the shooting soon. He told that they would probably begin to shoot in the second quarter of the year 2019.
Goa Goa Gone Sequel

Producer of the film said, “ It’s a really crazy fun script. Last time, we had zombies. This time, Saif and the gang will fight aliens. It’s set in Manali and has been titled Go Goa Gone 2: Babaji Ki Booty. We plan to begin shoot sometime in the second quarter of 2019 because otherwise, Manali wiill be too cold for us to shoot in.” When Dinesh Vijan was asked if the starcast has any changes or not, he said, “ We have the original cast and Raj and Dk came up with the idea to add two more characters. They are readying the final draft of the script, post which we will begin casting.”

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