Genius Movie Review: Utkarsh Sharma is Disappointing in His Debut Film

Recently, the film Genius has been released on the big screen which features Utkarsh Sharma in the main lead. The film also features Ishita Chauhan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Mithun Chakraborty in the supporting roles. The film has been directed by Anil Sharma who is also Utkarsh Sharma’s father. This is the debut film of Utkarsh Sharma and before this, he appeared as a child actor in the film ‘Gadar: Ek Prem Katha’. The film is an action thriller which is based on patriotism.

Genius Movie Review Utkarsh Sharma

Talking more about this film, it is directed in a much unorganized manner and at points it is very difficult to figure out what the film is trying to express. It surely involves a fake practice of patriotism which would irritate you at times. The film is a three hours torture and you would be very disappointed after watching this sort of a patriotic movie which involves a lot of fakeness and a completely disoriented plot. You won’t even know from where it is starting and to which direction the plot is going and this thing is really hard to resist.

Talking about the plot of this film, it is based on an orphan named Vasudev Shastri who is an IIT genius and also he is a master of hacking. He is a true desh bhakt and he can do anything for his country. Also in the film it is shown that this guy is in love with a girl named Nandini (Ishita) and so he can do anything for his country as well as Ishita. The time comes to prove his patriotism when he crosses path with another genius, MRS (Nawazuddin) who is an ISI operative.

The acting of both Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Mithun Chakraborty was disappointing in the film. You can see some dialogue games running in the film and it also keeps on moulding the intention of the film which it is trying to convey. The film unintentionally becomes funny at times and all unorganized things happening during these three difficult hours. The film definitely involves a completely fake exercising of desh bhakti and also a very disappointing direction. Utkarsh Singh is really intolerable in his debut film directed by his father.

The acting of Utkarsh Singh is completely disappointing and it seemed that this young guy is not made to do such roles. It is also the fault of Anil Sharma as he gave this role to his son and believed that he is just made to act in such kind of roles. The outcome turned out to be a blunder and so this film will have to go through a lot of criticism from the Bollywood fans. On the other hand even the script was a complete shit. I mean who wrote such kind of a confusing, crappy and shitty sort of a script? It could have been a much better script with some more sense in it.

Talking about the ratings of this film, it has been rated 2/5 by Times of India, 2/5 by Navbharat Times, 1/5 by Filmibeat and 6/10 by IMBD. The film ‘Genius’ is definitely the opposite of its title and it is being criticized by most of the audiences and the critics. You can go to watch this film but do not expect that you would be coming out happily after three hours of this intolerable shit. It completely disappoints as a patriotic film and nothing appropriate was shown which could highlight some real patriotism.

This film completely wasted talents like Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Mithun Chakrobarty and so their presence was very disappointing this time on the big screen. It’s definitely your choice if you want to take a risk of watching this sort of a shitty plotted film and waste your three hours or not but the reality is that this film is not the kind of a patriotic film which one looks forward to watch.

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