Gaurav Gera Tenders A Public Apology To Neha Kakkar For Uncomfortable Remarks On Her Looks

Popular Indian Singer cum Indian Idol Judge Neha Kakkar was deeply hurt after comedians Gaurav Gera and Kiku Sharda imitated her on a TV show with some remarks that were directed on her facial looks.

Gaurav Gera Public Apology Neha Kakkar
Gaurav Gera Public Apology Neha Kakkar

Neha didn’t suppress her feelings and took to her Instagram in order to express her ire. She even asked her fans to bash the show with words. Neha’s brother Tony Kakkar who is also a singer joined his sister in this protest and shared the controversial video behind all this.

Gaurav Gera Public Apology Neha Kakkar
Gaurav Gera Public Apology Neha Kakkar

In the video, that featured Gaurav Gera and Kiku Sharda, a girl calling herself ‘Neha Shakkar’ is seen saying,

“Is bhondi si shakal ke saath jab tum mic ke saamne jaati ho to mic muh nahi pher leta hai? (How do you go in front of the mic with such a face? Doesn’t the mic turn away?)”


Have a look at the video below:


Neha who has been in the industry for a while now, after taking control of herself decided to move on and took a higher stand and said,

“As I cannot live in a not so positive environment. Let’s just forget about the incident that happened. All my #NeHearts let’s forget it and move forward. Let’s forgive them. God is watching he’ll do what he wants to, we’re no one to punish anyone.

I was broken yesterday but not today. It’s a new day. I stand tall with pride and happiness. The reason for my happiness is each one of you who support me always no matter what!!!”

Have a look at her post below:

After he was forgiven by Neha, Gaurav Gera realized his mistake. That in the process of the entertaining the public at someone else’s cost, he forgot to not to cross that line where across the border someone is offended. He tendered a public apology to Neha.

Meanwhile to avoid any further mess the channel on which this video was aired has taken it down.

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