Ganesh Acharya Faces Another Sexual Abuse Charge

Bollywood Choreographer: Ganesh Acharya’s woes just don’t seem to end. Just a few days back, an assistant dancer filed an FIR against him for alleged sexual harassment. Now, another #MeToo story involving him has surfaced in the media.

This Tuesday, a senior background dancer approached the National Commission for Women (NCW) on Tuesday with the claim that she was sexually abused by Acharya in the 90s.

These were complainant’s words, as per Mid-day,

“It happened to me three decades ago. I have been married and have had kids, but he hasn’t changed one bit. When I read about the FIR, I knew I had to speak up too. In 1990, I used to go to Sahiba hall in Andheri West where several masters take dance classes. Acharya used to assist Kamal masterji. I was 18 then and working as a non-member dancer.”

She explained the incident in detail to prove its authenticity,

“One day, Acharya said it’s mandatory to learn Jive for auditions and invited me to his class in Santacruz East. Classes were held on Sundays at 11 am. His assistant Dilip picked me up from Khar subway and dropped me to a room on the first floor of Hotel East and West. I did not suspect anything till that point. There were no other students. Acharya said Dilip has gone to bring the sound system and other students. On the pretext of teaching me Jive, he kissed my neck and cheeks.”

She further added,

“When I resisted, he threw me on the bed and said he wanted to make love to me and marry me. I kept saying no but he kept moving his hands over my body. I was too terrified and told him I am on my period. He finally got off from me and said, ‘Kya yaar, mood kharab kar diya (you spoiled my mood).”

“He got other students to call me and ask what the problem was. He said he was willing to waive off the fees. I know another person with whom he tried something similar. It’s shocking that he is still misusing his power,” she revealed in her complaint.

She concluded her words by saying,

“It has been 30 years since the incident, but my anger hasn’t gone away. I never told anyone about his behaviour and the incident except my husband. It’s time that we women speak up.”

On the other hand, the first complainant who brought this matter public attendance said that there must be many more with whom he is doing the same.

“He can claim that people are trying to malign him, but there are many with similar stories.”

Ganesh Acharya Faces Another Sexual Abuse Charge

When Mid-day reached Ganesh Acharya for his response to the latest complaint. he shared,

“I have explained in a press conference that some people are tarnishing my image because I took a stand against them. They control trade unions in the industry. My stand against them and in the interest of dancers is causing them losses. Everyone involved in these wrongdoings against me will be exposed. They may do many such things against me, but I will not give up.”


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