Fitness Secret of Queen Of Pop ‘Madonna’: Ice Cold Water Bath and Drinking her urine

Queen of pop Madonna went to her Instagram to share her fitness secret with her followers with a video. 

Madonna is world popular for a successful musical career & she has been ruling the charts since the late 70s. Some of her popular music creations are ‘Like a Virgin’ album, ‘Everybody’, ‘Burning Up’, ‘Material Girl’, ‘La Isla Bonita’, ‘Like a Prayer’, ‘Vogue‘, ‘Take a Bow’, ‘Frozen’ and ‘Hung Up’ to name a few. 

But in this decades-old career Madonna also had a share of controversies both with her actions as well as statements that gets the Internet talking.

Madonna Ice Cold Water Bath and Drinking her urine
Madonna Ice Cold Water Bath and Drinking her urine

Just a few days ago, she went to her Instagram page & shared a video in which she revealed the secret behind her fit body. In this video, this legendary musician could be seen entering a water tub that is at 5 degrees Celsius. Madonna captioned this post with the words,

“ICE TRAY-NEW DRIP-3: am Ice bath therapy for Madame !! Shall we start an ICE bath challenge?? 41 degrees Best treatment for injuries!! #icebath #madamex @ahla_malik”


Have a look at the video below:


Talking about her attire in this video, Madonna is wearing a bathrobe & sipping from a glass. She says,

“It is really good to drink urine after you get out of the ice bath.”




One of her Instagram followers commented on her video post and wrote,

“Courageous. I was thinking to do that too. I couldn’t. But I guess it’s healthy. Madonna wins. ” While another one wrote, “Only the queen can look this good at 3 am in the morning.”

Talking about her work. Madonna is currently on a tour titled Madame X Tour for which she is travelling from cities in North America such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles to London & Paris in Europe.

Talking about Madonna, more popularly known as the “Queen of Pop” since the 1980s, she is known for pushing the boundaries of songwriting in mainstream popular music & for the imagery that she uses both onstage & in music videos.

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