Interesting Facts About Nishant Singh Malkani

Facts About Nishant Singh Malkani:

Since the beginning of Bigg Boss season 14, young female contestants are going gaga over Nishant Singh Malkani. Just like how women were crazy about Sidharth Shukla and Asim Raiz, in this season, Nishant seems to be in the limelight for his personality and looks. Nishant is a TV actor and a model. Although he still hasn’t got a big break in the industry, he has managed to woo a lot of people because of past work. We have cited a list of unknown facts related to the actor that could help you understand his journey in the house.

1. Nishant was born on 1 September 1987 in Dubai. After a few years, his family came back to Delhi and started their life here. He did his schooling in Delhi, and he completed his graduation from Delhi university.
2. He was brilliant at his studies, and that’s why he ended up getting a seat in the best MBA college of the country, IIM Kolkata.

Facts About Nishant Singh Malkani
Facts About Nishant Singh Malkani

3. While traveling in the Delhi metro, he met a casting director who recommended him to give auditions for roles because of his macho look.

4. He took his advice way too seriously because the next thing he knew, he was in Mumbai giving auditions for various roles. He ended up getting a small role in the 2008 serial “Miley Jab Hum Tum”.

Facts About Nishant Singh Malkani
Facts About Nishant Singh Malkani

5. Everyone thought that Nishant will get the lead role, but he did not instead his screen time was less, but still, he managed to impress the audience and TV industry with his charming looks and great acting skills. From here, his career as an actor began.
6. After his debut, he appeared in various Ad commercials and played several small roles in serials. He got the first gig as a lead actor for the serial ‘Ram Millayi Jodi’. His performance was appreciated and admired. Everyone loved his character in the serial. We last saw him in the serial ‘Guddan Tumse Na Ho Hogega’

7. He hasn’t married anyone right now but he is dating his ‘Guddan Tumse Na Ho Hogega co-star Kanika Maan. Before Kanika, Nishant linked to ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sara Khan, but in an interview, Nishant dismissed the rumors.

8. In the year 2017, Nishant worked with actress Riya Sen in the web series called ‘Ragini MMS: Retainers’. It was then reported that Nishant has accused Riya of sexual harassment. But when Nishant was asked about this in an interview, he said that Riya pulled off her track pants while improvising a scene and that it was not such a big deal.

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