Awesome Facts About The Movie ‘Black’ You Cannot Miss

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black is not just a movie, it’s way beyond it. It beautifully talks to you and impresses you with its uniqueness. The reason why we are talking about this movie after so many years of release is that even today this movie will blow your mind away. It will manage to impress you and no matter how many times you watch it, it stays with you for a long time. Ket we celebrate this brilliant and amazing movie by going through some interesting facts.

1. The Snow wasn’t real

Facts About Movie Black
Facts About Movie Black

The snow in the movie surely captivated a lot of people in the country. So much that right after its release people wanted to witness now with their bare eyes and that led to an increase in Himachal tourism. The fact is that the snow that is used in the film is fake. Shooting for this film started in mid-January and there was no snow at that time so the unit cant really waits for the snow to happen so they bought Kilos of salt bag for the film.

2. Ranbir’s main job in the film

In an interview, Amitabh Bachchan revealed, “If you have appreciated that little girl, it’s all his (Ranbir’s) doing. Because he used to sit with her and tell her ‘You behave like this, you put your eyes like this, you talk like this’.”

3. Ayesha’s Shot

Little Ayesha would give her shit only when they were thoroughly trained by Ranbir. Kapoor made sure the girl learns her actions and style really well because her scenes turned out to be pretty brilliant.

4. Awards

Bhansali’s Black won about 11 awards that year. That’s the highest awards any Indian film has ever won on that platform. This should be enough for you to watch this insanely brilliant piece of art.

5. Rani Refused to work

Do you know that Rani initially refused to work in the film as she thought she incompetent to perform an act like this? We are so glad that Bhansali convinced her into this because we cannot imagine any other actor pull off this character so perfectly.

6. Ranbir in the Film

Facts About Movie Black
Facts About Movie Black

Ranbir Kapoor body doubled for Amitabh Bachchan as the actor was not available at that time. In the opening credits sequence of Black, Ranbir appeared as Amitabh’s character Debraj Sahni from behind.

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