Even Hrithik Roshan And Tiger Shroff’s Request Fails To Act As A Deterrent That Could Avoid The Leakage Of War Trailer

It is an unfortunate situation, but the spoiler of War movie featuring Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan in the lead roles, is going viral on social media and one can’t help but feel sorry for the WAR team. But thankfully, many netizens slammed the viral tweet, revealing the spoiler of the film and vouched to watch the flick on the silver screen, irrespective of all the negativity, spread by a notorious section of Twitteratis.

It was just a few hours ago that Hrithik Roshan had urged his fans not to disclose the spoiler of the film and let everyone enjoy the action-drama, which has been in the tremendous buzz.

Hrithik Roshan Tiger Shroff War
Hrithik Roshan Tiger Shroff War

His tweet read,

“Hi Guys! I have a personal request to make. We have made #WAR with a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and love. Please protect our spoilers when you see the film because it will immensely add to everyone’s movie watching experience. Trusting you all with this.”

Tiger Shroff too joined in and tweeted,

“Hey guys! Spoilers are never fun and it impacts movie watching experience and business. We have all worked really hard to make ‘War’ a big screen experience and I request you to protect our film, our work. Protect our spoilers and please give us lots of love.”

In cooperation with Hrithik and his team, we won’t be sharing the tweet in this article that was the reason behind all this. And also request our readers to do the same. After all a spoiler kills the pleasurable experience and fun of watching a movie on the silver screen.

Talking about WAR, it is the story of Hrithik and Tiger both of whom are a part of security forces in the capacity of mentor and student respectively. But somehow Hrithik aka mentor goes rogue and Tiger is entrusted with the responsibility to bring him in to avoid any further damage. Vaani Kapoor will be the love interest of Hrithik.


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