Esha Gupta Slammed For Racist Remarks Against Nigerian Footballer Alex Iwobi

Just when the Hardik Pandya racism and Koffee With Karan row got over and he was allowed to finally play International cricket for the Indian team, his reported ex, and a famous Bollywood actor, Esha Gupta has invited trouble by calling a Nigerian Footballer a gorilla.

Esha Gupta Alex Iwobi

During one of the recent Football matches, Esha Gupta took to her Instagram story to share a screenshot of her conversation with a friend in which she had compared a popular Arsenal Football player to a Gorilla and the reference goes like “gorilla faced Iwobi running down the flank again.”

Here’s the screenshot that she had posted:

Esha Gupta Alex Iwobi

As soon as the actor posted this, true blue Arsenal fans blasted the actor on Twitter left and right for spewing such racist remarks for such a respectable player. Many people asked her to apologize, many asked her to stop calling herself an Arsenal fan, many felt that she was unfit to be an Arsenal ambassador and others just slammed her for treating this huge matter so casually. Here are some of the fan tweets which made way to the internet:

Esha Gupta Alex Iwobi

She, in an apology, stated that she herself has faced racism and would never intentionally put someone through that and in fact, was just poking fun with her friend. Here’s what she wrote:

“Guys m sorry you thought it was racist. Was bad on my part, being a sports lover. Wallah never meant it. Sorry guys forgive the stupidity 🙏🏽 #gooner4life.” (sic)

Esha Gupta Alex Iwobi

“It was us discussing our frustration during the game.sorry as I din realise it directed towards racism.laughed over the spur of the moment, which was the games result guys.been victim of racism myself before. But this is not something m proud of. It was a fault,sorry guys.” (sic)

Esha Gupta Alex Iwobi

Despite her apology, she was not spared and received backlash in huge amounts from the fans.

“How do you feel about an Arsenal brand ambassador making these racist comments about an Arsenal Academy graduate? @Arsenal.”

“Your response is embarrassing! You state on one hand you’ve suffered racism yet on the other have no idea that you’ve made a racial slur! Your ignorance and arrogance of this whole situation is beyond words! Please remove gooner from your profile! Your not part of our club/family.”

Esha Gupta Alex Iwobi

“This needs to be investigated further. A lot of us Nigerian gooners aren’t taking it. @alexiwobi is our boy. We will not stand and watch him been dehumanised and not act.”

“Apologise to Iwobi”

Esha Gupta Alex Iwobi

Not just this, many followed after this but the Twitter this time seems to be not taking it well for her attitude and approach to the whole situation looks very brushing-it-off kind. This has created quite a roar in the country especially where other Indian gooners (Arsenal fans) are apologizing genuinely on behalf of the actor.

All in all, no Twitterati is not buying Esha’s apology and neither any official statement from the Arsenal team or Alex Iwobi has surfaced so we will just have to wait to see what he has to say about this debacle.


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