Ekta Kapoor Gets Rape Threats From Hindustani Bhau & She Wants To Stand Up To Him 

‘Sex Is Bad But Rape Is Okay?’: These were Ekta Kapoor’s words in response to Hindustani Bhau’s recent FIR against her for showing obscene content featuring Army uniform in her latest AltBalaji Series: XXX2. Ekta Kapoor has revealed that she has received rape threats from Hindustani Bhau after the latter lodged an FIR and she wants to take him to the task.

After a long silence, Ekta Kapoor finally spoke up about the FIR lodged against her for an inappropriate intimate scene with Indian army reference. During a discussion session with Shobha De, Malini Agrawal, Gul Panag, and Gurdeep Kohli this Saturday, Ekta revealed that she would now raise her voice both against cyberbullying and rape threats.

Ekta shared that she has no second thoughts when it comes to apologizing to the Indian army.

“When we got to know that there was even an FIR lodged, we removed the content anyway because of the certification. Content aside, I don’t have any qualms in putting out an apology to the army’s wives. We have no problems with them. What irritated me the most was that the cyberbullying started simultaneously when we had already put a stop. This gentleman thinks he’s the ‘patriot of the year’. He decided to come and abuse my mother and me, and got his trolls to do the same. We have received rape threats on a social platform.”

Ekta added,

“This is no longer about the army or sexual content because the irony is that you’re saying you want to ‘rape a girl, son and 71-year-old mother’ for making sexual content. That means sex is bad but rape is okay,”

Ekta said that respecting the army is part of her job and revealed,

“I actually wanted to tell you this Shobha that I would have said the apology a long time ago because it’s no big deal for me. It’s the smallest thing to do. Respecting the army is a part of what I do. It was a fictional character, a mistake on our side which we rectified.”


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