Eijaz Khan Regrets Opening up About His Depression With Everyone

Bigg Boss is a controversial house because you are words and sentences are recorded, and there is no chance that you can escape from what you have said on National Television. It happens a lot inside the house in the heat of the moment, contestants share stories from their personal lives, and the whole situation doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes, you will find people understanding your situation and supporting you, but there are also cases when someone might not behave in a way you expected them to.

This whole experience can make you feel lost and regretful. We think this is exactly how Eijaz Khan is feeling right now. In a recent episode of Bigg Boss, Eijaz sits next to Shardul Pandit for a heart-to-heart chat.

Eijaz Khan Depression
Eijaz Khan Depression

He tells Shradul that he doesn’t think Jasmin is the right captain of the house because, according to him, Jasmin is irresponsible. Shradul replies by saying she is a bit kiddish, but if told properly, she understands her mistakes, the situation and reacts responsibly. But Eijaz disagrees and says that no one is a kid here, as she has been calling him ‘Pagal’ throughout the captaincy task. He further says, “I will show her who is paagal. She has accused me of being ‘paagal’ and getting crazy during a task. She just throws words without understanding. She has also done reality shows, she is 30 years old.”

Eijaz Khan Depression
Eijaz Khan Depression

He then burst into tears and say that everyone will drive him crazy and that he shouldn’t have shared his dark days with anyone inside the house. He said, “That day I shouted at Pavitra. But I didn’t do anything wrong, she had instigated me. Everyone makes fun of me. I shouldn’t have opened up.”

Do you think Eijaz Khan is misunderstood? What would you do if you were inside the house? tell us in the comments section below.

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