Eijaz Khan Apologises to Rubina Dilaik For Taking Away The Immunity Stone

The famous contestants of Bigg Boss season 14 have recently revealed their darkest secret to the rest of the world. Social Media these days is all about these contestants and who deserves to win this race. Top players like Eijaz Khan and Rubina Dilaik also participated in the competition.

Contestants including Kavita Kaushik shared that even she was molested by her tuition teacher, Nikki Tamboli talked about being kidnapped and Jasmin Bhasin shared that she once tried to commit suicide as she was facing a lot of rejections. Abhinav Shukla also shared that he went into depression after the failure of his first film.

Eijaz Khan Rubina Dilaik
Eijaz Khan Rubina Dilaik

Eijaz Khan shared a tragic and saddening personal truth that he experienced as a child with everyone inside the house. The Tanu Weds Manu actors shared his grief on being touch inappropriately. He shared that this trauma had a huge impact on him in later years. He added that he even went to a therapist to recover and he constantly reminded himself that this mishap was not his fault as he was just a child then. He further added that his biggest regret is that he did not share his personal truth with his father, and this thing will forever bug him.

Rubina, on the other hand, shared that she and Abhinav were about to get divorced in November. She said that the couple had given each other time till November this year and this is the reason why they decided to enter the Bigg Boss house. Talking about the immunity task, contestants felt that Eijaz’s story was stronger and hurtful than the rest of the people and so it was decided that Eijaz will get the immunity stone that will make him the first finalist of the show. Later in the garden area, Eijaz apologizes to Rubina for snatching her immunity stone to which Rubina reacts jokingly and walks away. Eijaz tells Abhinav that now he has started respecting Rubina Dilaik after he learned her birth date. He said, “Rubina’s birthday is on August 26 and mine is on 28. Now I know why she reacts the way she is. We are perfectionists and we deserve to be superiors.”

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