Doordarshan Surprises Its Viewers by Airing Popular K-Pop Songs

When it comes to National Broadcaster, Doordarshan, viewers don’t expect much from it. But this time Doordarshan’s Channel, DD National, took its viewers by surprise after it aired K-Pop songs, resulting in netizens trending #KPopLovesDoordarshan on Twitter. Doordarshan has surprised K-Pop fans with a music video that nobody knew aired on DD National. K-Pop is hit music that has its base in South Korea and fans’ love for it never dies. This is like a trend in music that refuses to fade with time. It has a global fanbase. DD National used to broadcast videos like ‘Be The Future’ by IN2IT, ALEXA & Dreamcatcher. This caught netizens’ attention, who very soon started trending #KPopLovesDoordarshan on Twitter.

Doordarshan K-Pop Songs
Doordarshan K-Pop Songs

A K-Pop fan tweeted,

“#KpopLovesDoordarshan @DDNational thankyou for taking a step to promote K- culture in India! We are an Indian BLACKPINK fanbase and we would really appreciate the fact if you play some songs by them.”

On the other hand, another added,

“Omg! Be the future ft. Alexa, IN2IT & DREAMCATCHER was aired on Doordarshan!! One of the first and oldest Indian tv channels that’s huge! Thank you @DDNational! We truly appreciate you and hope to see more K-Pop! #KpopLovesDoordarshan.”

Have a look at some of the other tweets:

Doordarshan K-Pop Songs
Doordarshan K-Pop Songs

For the unaware, Doordarshan has in the past too aired foreign TV shows on the national channel. Whilst  American Sitcom: ‘Full House’ was aired in 2006, Korean Shows like ‘Jewel in the Palace’ and ‘Emperor of the Sea’ were aired in 2008. But there has been a massive reduction in the number of Korean shows since then, especially owing to the OTT platforms, which is where the users consume a lot of Korean drama.

Dipika Chikhalia Sita Ramayana
Dipika Chikhalia Sita Ramayana

Prior to K-Pop, Doordarshan has won the hearts of millions of Indians both here and abroad during coronavirus lockdown by retelecasting Indian mythological shows such as ‘Ramayan‘ and ‘Mahabharat‘. These shows, and their actors, have become quite popular ages after their show first aired.


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