Actress Divvya Chouksey Dies Due to Cancer; Shared a Goodbye Note

Multi-Talented celeb, Divvya Chouksey, is no more between us as she lost the battle to cancer and wrote, ‘I’m On My Deathbed’, hours before she died. Just a few hours before she died, Divvya Chouksey had taken to her Instagram story and wrote being on deathbed hours before passing away this Sunday.

Divvya Chouksey Goodbye Note
Divvya Chouksey Goodbye Note

An emotional Divvya concluded her last writing with the words that read,

“S**t happens, I’m strong AF. Be there another life of non suffering. No questions, please. Only god knows how much you mean to me.”

Divvya’s cousin Soumya Amish Verma confirmed the news of her death through her Facebook page by writing,

“श्रधान्जली कुमारी दिव्या चौकसे| मुझे बड़े दुख के साथ ये बताना पड़ रहा है की मेरी cousin divya Chouksey का cancer की बजह से बहुत छोटी सी उम्र मे आज निधन हो गया है London से acting का course किया था वो एक बहुत अच्छी model भी थी, उन्होने कई सारी फिल्मो मे काम किया और serials मे भी काम किया , singing मे भी उन्होने अपना नाम कमाया । और आज वो हमें यू छोड़ कर चली गायी। ईश्वर उन की आत्मा को शन्ति दे। R I P”

Divvya Chouksey Goodbye Note
Divvya Chouksey Goodbye Note

The English version of Soumya’s message roughly translates to,

“I am very sad to share that my cousin Divvya Chouksey has passed away due to cancer at a very young age. She did an acting course from London and went on to feature in a couple of films and serials. She also rose to fame as a singer. Today, she left us. I wish God blesses her soul. RIP.”


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