Disha Patani Reacts to Rumours Claiming Hrithik Roshan Flirted With Her

Disha Patani is one of the most adorable actresses of the Bollywood industry. She has appeared in some really good films and her acting skills have also been immensely praised by the Bollywood fans. This beautiful actress has always been a treat to watch on the big screen and now, she has very well established herself in the film industry. Well, earlier the reports had claimed that Hrithik Roshan had flirted with this beautiful actress and that is the reason why she left the project with Hrithik Roshan.

However, now Disha Patani has reacted to the reports saying that all these reports are rubbish.  She said that the superstar is a ‘dignified person’ and claimed that all the reports saying that he flirted with him are wrong. Earlier the rumors of Hrithik Roshan flirting with Disha Patani were coming out as this beautiful actress had backed off from a project in which she was to collaborate with Hrithik Roshan.  The rumors were spreading out that she backed off from the project as Hrithik Roshan flirted with her. This actress also said all this is ‘childish and irresponsible gossip’.

Disha Patani Hrithik Roshan

So Disha Patani finally comes out to give an answer to this rumour which said that she walked out of the film because of Hrithik Roshan. According to the reports of Filmibeat, Disha Patani said that all this is untrue and she also said that her interaction with Hrithik Roshan was very minimum and she claimed that in that minimum interaction, Hrithik has been one of the most dignified people. Disha was very disappointed with the rumors spreading and so she came out and cleared everything in the media.

According to the reports of Filmibeat, Disha says,

“There is some childish and irresponsible gossip about Hrithik sir and me doing the rounds. I would like to say that it’s completely untrue and in the minimum interaction that I have had with him, he has been one of the most dignified and joyful people.” She further added,

“It’s my regard for him as a person that is making me even respond to something this trivial. There is no truth in me walking out of any project with him.”

So now, Disha Patani also cleared that there is no truth behind her leaving of the project because of Hrithik Roshan. Disha Patani also said that she has a high regard for this successful and charming actor and she would definitely love to work with him. She also stated that Hrithik Roshan comes among the top names on her wish list with whom she would definitely love to work. Disha Patani has really been phenomenal on the big screen and definitely, the fans would love to see Disha and Hrithik working together someday.

Talking more about the current scenario of this 25-year old gorgeous actress, she has been running quite busy with the shooting of Ali Abbas Zafar’s upcoming film ‘Bharat’. This time this actress would be working with Salman Khan for the first time. This film also features Katrina Kaif in a major role. The fans are eagerly waiting to see this actress sharing screen space with Salman Khan. This film is going to release next year during the time of Eid. So the fans will have to wait till that time to witness Disha Patani, Salman, and Katrina Kaif together on the big screen.

Well, talking a little more about the rumors of Hrithik flirting with Disha, not only Disha Patani, but also the superstar himself slammed these false reports. This successful actor tweeted,

“My dear friend ‘Patrika ji,’ Do you exercise? Go to gym. All trash will automatically flush out of the mind. Especially 20 donkey kicks, 20 monkey rolls and two dog jumps, will be good for you. Make sure you do it. Good Luck and Love you too.”

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