Diljit Dosanjh’s Film ‘Soorma’ to be Screened at the Annual Bollywood Festival Norway 2018

The film ‘Soorma’ which is the biopic of the legendary hockey player ‘Sandeep Singh’ has truly won the hearts of many Bollywood fans with its inspiring plot. In the movie, the superstar of Punjab, Diljit Dosanjh is playing the role of this legendary Hockey player. The film Soorma shows the life of Sandeep Singh who made a comeback into the Indian hockey team after fighting from his paralysis and then again making the whole nation proud with his hockey stick. Diljit completely fits in the role and he is looks completely Sandeep Singh in the movie.

Talking about the reviews, this amazing film has received moreover a positive response from the Bollywood fans and the acting of the superstar Diljit Singh has just been superb in the film. The Twitter also exploded with the praise of Diljit’s commendable performance and many celebrities had also tweeted saying all good things for the movie and specially Diljit. Like when the film was released on the big screens, Film Curry had tweeted,

“@diljitdosanjh, Pride in his turban, innocence in his acting, there was a passion in the way he held the hockey stick and became #SandeepSingh for us. He not only shines but outshines in the film.”

The biopic on the legendary Indian hockey player completely succeeds in inspiring the fans and has definitely made its impact on the whole world. Diljit Dosanjh looks very similar to Sandeep Singh and he completely nails it with his acting skills. The film has been immensely appreciated and now this Diljit Dosanjh and Taapsee Pannu starrer film is selected at the 16th Annual Bollywood Festival Norway 2018 which is starting on 7th September and this amazing film would be screened on 8th of September 2018.

Diljit Dosanjh Soorma Annual Bollywood Festival Norway 2018

Definitely, the movie involves some brilliant stuff by Diljit in the role of the legendary hockey player Sandeep Singh. He has been a natural actor and it seems that Sandeep Singh himself is there on the field, playing hockey for India. You would surely going to love the on screen presence of Diljit Dosanjh and if you are a true fan of hockey, then you should not miss this kind of a sports movie. The real life story of Sandeep Singh will definitely inspire you and you’ll just be surprised to know many facts of his life. A man who stood up after paralysis and again winning games for his country is just something out of this world.

Sandeep Singh has really been an inspiration for the whole world. He has always been a treat to watch on the small screens with a hockey stick in his hand. He completely surprised everyone after making the headlines of his unbelievable comeback after paralysis. There were many people who didn’t know about this part of his life and so his biopic won the hearts of many Bollywood fans and it received really great reviews from the critics as well as many celebrities including Sachin Tendulkar.

Talking more about this inspiring film, there were also special screenings made for this film in many parts of India. Special screenings were arranged for many schools of the country and also for the soldiers of Pune. The film has been immensely loved by the Bollywood fans and it also revealed many other facts about Sandeep Singh like he was one of the most dangerous drag flickers with a speed of more than 145 km/hr. This thing was god gifted and so he was also called as ‘Flicker Singh’.

The inspiring story of this legendary hockey player has definitely made the filmmakers to bring it on the big screens and now it is definitely a very proud moment for the whole Soorma team that the film would now be shown on the Annual Bollywood Festival which is going to be held in Norway this year. So on 8th of September, this inspiring film would be shown on the screens in Norway.

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