Demand To Boycott Mirzapur 2; People Got Furious Remembering Ali Fazal’s Old Tweet

The audience of Amazon Prime Video was eagerly waiting for the most awaited series Mirzapur-2. This wait of fans is going to end now because the release date of the series has been announced now. Meanwhile, there is a demand to boycott this series. Now, the question arises that why the web series which all the fans had been waiting for for so long, has suddenly been demanded to be boycott?

Mirzapur 2

Actually Mirzapur-2 series stars actor Ali Fazal in the lead role. The release date of the 2nd part of this series has been announced on Monday. Actor Ali Fazal himself became the reason for boycotting it the very next day. With the release date of Mirzapur, the audience remembered an old tweet by Ali Fazal which he posted during the CAA Protest.

At the time of the CAA Protest, Ali Fazal tweeted a dialogue of Mirzapur. He wrote in his tweet that, ‘Shuru majboori mein kiye thay, ab maza aara hai’. In another tweet, he wrote, “Remember, the next step is not to prove that it was a peaceful movement but to investigate it and to cover up the real intruders who entered this movement from outside and committed violence.”

Now with the release date of Mirzapur-2, people are remembering his tweets. Due to this, users are demanding to boycott the series. However, Ali deleted these tweets from his Twitter account. But still #BoycottMirzapur2 trended on Twitter all day long.

It is worth noting that the web series is a crime drama on the background of Mirzapur in North India. In view of the eagerness of the fans, the OTT platform maintained constant suspense for the last two-three days. Even before the release date was announced, a video was revealed stating that the release date would be announced on August 24. Its second season will be released on October 23, 2020.

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