Reason by Deepika Padukone Behind No Rush In Taking Up A Hollywood Job

Deepika Padukone has given us her reason why she is in no rush to take up the Hollywood project post ‘XxX: The Return of Xander Cage’.

Deepika made her film industry debut with Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om opposite Shah Rukh Khan. At present, she is counted amongst one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood.

During a recent media interaction, Deepika opened up about the changes she has noticed in the industry ever since she entered the film industry,

“But my very first film, Om Shanti Om, was with a female director (Farah Khan). We have come a long way, at least in terms of the roles being written for women. Also, there are more female technicians. I think that’s also a function of women now being more comfortable with choosing this as a profession. More women want to be independent… and then there’s the broadening of the understanding of the film industry. There were a lot of stigmas earlier as far as the film industry was concerned, specifically regarding women. There were all kinds of perceptions about the safety of women in this field. A lot of things have evolved and changed. Women are confident of following their hearts.”

Deepika Padukone’s Reason Behind No Rush To Take Up A Hollywood Job

This wasn’t all, Deepika further spoke about her Hollywood debut opposite Vin Diesel in ‘XxX’ and her potential comeback to the West saying,

“I don’t look or evaluate films as Indian or international, but as a medium where I can express myself. If that opportunity is out of India, great. If that is out of the United States or another part of the world, I am happy to explore that too. For me, it’s always been content. I did Xander Cage because it was an extremely powerful, strong character to play. Eventually, it’s about the character and role, and of course, the film. It’s not like I’m actively seeking something in Hollywood. Whether India or any other part of the world, great content is what I seek.”



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