Deepika Padukone Calls Ranveer Singh in The Middle of an Interview And Their Conversation is All Mush And Cute

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are so mushy and adorable that anything they do together becomes fodder for news and frankly, we have no problem with that. Ranveer Singh has been “Boyfriend Goals” for many years now, the way he used to talk about his girlfriend, the way he looked at her, all of it just made him earn respect from all his fans, especially women. And now, he is leaving no stone unturned to be the Best Husband.

Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh Ranveer Deepika DeepVeer

We have seen Ranveer’s affectionate gestures towards Deepika far too many times and what is surprising is that post their marriage in November, it is Deepika who is not shying one bit from showering good words at her man and sharing it with media. When they were dating, she was skeptical about talking about it, for obvious reasons but after the two have gotten married, she is enjoying it all.

Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh Ranveer Deepika DeepVeer

Earlier Ranveer had revealed three things which he is restricted to do now that he is married, and of course follow these instructions by Deepika. They are,

“Staying out of the house till too late, leave the house without eating and miss her calls.”

Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh Ranveer Deepika DeepVeer

Now, Ranveer seems to be following it all very diligently and we have one of the proofs of that. Deepika, during an interview with India Today video called her husband and he picked up. We usually see Deepika very reserved like that and all, but the way she addressed him is way too sweet. Just as he answered, she said,

“Hi baby, you are looking handsome.”

Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh Ranveer Deepika DeepVeer

Ranveer had earlier revealed that when they were at the trailer launch of the movie Simmba where Deepika watched the bits and pieces of the film for the first time, she had turned around to him and said,

“Hot lag raha hai”.

Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh Ranveer Deepika DeepVeer

Where, Deepika goes on to show her love for Ranveer in little things and glimpses, Ranveer likes to talk about it in lengths. When Ranveer was asked about his newly married experience and how is it being married to a superstar, he said,

“I’m loving it and highly recommend it. I have been married to Deepika in my head for years now. Just a few months into our relationship, I knew she was the one for me and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her I had committed my life to her well before the rituals. I was waiting for her to be ready for it.”

Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh Ranveer Deepika DeepVeer

Deepika had also shared her excitement and how she is cherishing every moment being married to him, how she looks forward to being back home to someone and waking up to him every day. They are enjoying what they call the ‘honeymoon’ phase of their lives and everybody is way too happy for them. Unlike what we think about A-list actors and actresses, Ranveer had earlier called Deepika ‘Gharelu’. He said,

“She is so gharelu…I love it…I love it. I am telling you I am going to be the husband of the millennium. I am going to glide and breeze through it.”

On the work front, Ranveer will be next seen in Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy and Deepika in Meghna Gulzar’s Chapaak. There are also chances that we might see them sharing screen space for the first time after their marriage in Kapil Dev biopic, we just hope Deepika signs the dotted line soon. Until we see them on the big screen again, we are loving this new little PDA moments between the two and gushing on these like crazy!


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