Deepika Meets Laxmi Agarwal As Chhapaak’s Malti For the First Time

Deepika Padukone is leaving no stone unturned to make Chhapaak convey a social message rather than just another biopic made to do good business at the box office. Deepika Padukone’s convincing performance as Malti, an acid attack survivor, in Chhapaak. has earned her a lot of praises. Her journey whilst getting into the skin of Malti was not easy, as she has said a lot of times on the public platforms.

In a new happening, she released a behind the scenes video, where we can see Deepika undergo her transformation into Malti with the help of prosthetics. Sometime back Deepika shared that she took a call as a producer of the film and burnt the very expensive prosthetics after the shoot of Chhapaak was over, because that was how much it had negatively impacted her.

Chhapaak BTS Video: For The 1st Time, Deepika Meets Laxmi Agarwal As Malti, An Acid Attack Survivor

Talking about this BTS video released by Chhapaak team, Deepika undergoes a long and difficult prosthetics process, with director Meghna Gulzar explaining the kind of impact she wanted through Malti’s look.

Meghna also reveals the reason Deepika being the 1st choice on her mind for this character, but she never thought that would be possible. Meghna further explains that despite the fact that there is a striking resemblance between Deepika and Laxmi Agarwal, upon whom the film is based, she did not want her looking like Laxmi.

Meghna wanted the prosthetics to reveal a disfigured face of Deepika, the way it would look if something like that ever happened to her. We also got to see Deepika meeting Laxmi for the 1st time in the character of Malti and it is indeed a special moment. Latter gives her a warm hug saying that she is happy that she visited the set, joking about ‘two Laxmis sitting together’.

Concluding her statement, Meghna shares that Deepika had nearly 9 looks throughout the film, owing to the acid attack wounds healing after multiple surgeries. But despite all that one thing never changed and that was Deepika’s eyes. They as per Meghna, Deepika used with perfection to express herself.

Have a look at the video here:



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