The Debate On Casting Couch In Tollywood Is Getting More…..

Recently, the Tollywood actress Mallidi Sri has raised her voice against the casting couch which has led to a serious debate on this in the Telegu film industry. Mallidi Sri has recently spoken on the sexual exploitation faced by the female actresses in the Telegu film industry. She has gained a lot of support from the other upcoming actresses and the debate has been running with full power in the Telegu film industry. Recently a debate on ‘Sexual and financial exploitation of women in Telegu Film industry’ was held where many actresses raised their voices against it.

According to an actress, the famous actor Pawan Kalyan has stated that he won’t be giving chances to the local Telegu girls in the films. This controversial statement has raised the voices of many actresses in the film industry. The state president of Progressive Organisation of Women (POW) has stated that,

“ The issues raised by Sri Reddy in the past few days echoed in today’s discussion too. There are sad stories behind each woman artiste in the industry. The situation has to be changed. There is an urgent need to conduct a study about casting couch in the film industry. The government should set up a toll free number for women to the complaint against casting couch.”

The statement shows how seriously the debate has been running against the casting couch. The voice has been raised against directors, producers, and many film actors. Recently an actress named Apoorva said,

“ We are working in film industry due to lack of employment. No hero is coming in open to support us. Film industry shall positively come in support of this fight against casting couch.”

The actresses have been quite disappointed in the Telegu film industry and their allegations are the proof of this. They are not at all happy with the kind of stuff going on in the Tollywood. Many women have been coming into their support and fighting against this.

The famous director Ram Gopal Varma on account to this had recently tweeted and considered Sri Reddy great as the king Ashoka.  Ram Gopal Varma said,

“Those condemning @MsSriReddy on how she can project herself as a social activist now when in her past she did such deeds and language she used are not realizing that a change of heart is what made even the tryant king Ashoka great. Ashoka, the king, killed many people, and then became a savior of lakhs of people, and that is why I think @MsSri-Reddy is as Great as Ashoka the Great (SIC)”

Casting Couch In Tollywood

Many actresses have raised their voices against casting couch and have told their horrible experiences related to this. Recently, the famous actress Rakul Preet on account to casting couch said which had offended some of the actresses in the Tollywood. Rakul Preet recently said that she hasn’t experienced anything related to casting couch in Tollywood. She said that she cannot speak anything on this debate as she hasn’t seen anything related to the casting couch in Tollywood. Her statement, however, offended Sri Reddy and Madhavi Latha. Rakul Preet had said,

“If I haven’t experienced casting couch, then how can I talk about it? And if they think I am lying, then I have nothing to say. I still stand by what I’ve said.”

So the topic of casting couch has been running on the top of the Telegu film industry and gaining more and more popularity these days. Many actresses have participated in the debate and have spoken against the directors, producers, and many film actors. The actresses in the Tollywood seems to be very angry and disappointed due to such things happening. On the other hand, some actresses like Rakul Preet have also stated that they haven’t faced anything like such and won’t be speaking anything against the industry. The situation has been getting worse these days and is a real thing to consider for the Telegu film industry. There are many upcoming talented actresses who are standing against the casting couch and have shown their disappointment towards some people in the industry.

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