10 Countries Where People Love Watching Bollywood

Fans know no boundaries!

Cricket and Bollywood are no less than religions in India and both are taken quite seriously. The fans here pour love in abundance and have the power to get someone unimaginable stardom overnight. We love and live movies and adore the ones living life king size on-screen and otherwise. But we are not the only fans, booking tickets and admiringly watching our favourite stars every weekend. There are thousands of fans all across the globe who love Bollywood as much as we, Indians do. With the advent of internet, the reach of international cinema all over the world has widened and that has definitely benefited our film industry as well. With the help of subtitles, language no longer seems to be a barrier. Now, there is easy access to content worldwide because of the uprising content aggregating websites and apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar and others. YouTube also has become a new age business platform where many people have started to review trailers, movies and songs in order to increase their viewership.

Bollywood fans are scattered all over the globe but there are several countries who love Hindi films and Bollywood cinema for the drama, different stories and its music and dancing. Here is a list of countries where people love watching Bollywood movies.

 1. Pakistan

India and Pakistan may be at loggerheads on the border but when it comes to cinema, we mostly forget everything, at least the lay men, if you know what I mean. Pakistanis are also Bollywood maniacs. So many of their talented artists have come to India and gained popularity. Remember the movie ‘Filmistaan’ where Aftab, a Pakistani Muslim earns by selling pirated Hindi films. Well, that’s because they love Indian cinema equally. Both the countries share common love for Bollywood.

 2. Afghanistan

Bollywood enjoys a devoted fan base in Afghanistan as well. Katrina Kaif, Hrithik Roshan and others are big stars there. In fact, in the 90s, Afganistan used to be the highest foreign grosser of Bollywood movies, isn’t that great? Kabir Khan, director of ‘Bajrangi Bhaaijan’ had told media that people there have learnt the speak Hindi by watching Bollywood films.

 3. Russia


There is some sort of connection between the two countries. Indian men might love Russia for its women but the Russians love our movies and Bollywood music. And thus love dates back to the time of Raj Kapoor. Did you know, ‘Awaara’ was dubbed in Russian language? Not just that, it was a big hot in Russia and was the first successful Bollywood film in the country.

 4. Egypt

Egyptians have been showering love on Indian cinema since the 80s. They’ve fought to keep the Indian films in theatres when the government had imposed restrictions on them. There love for Amitabh Bachchan triumphed and the government bowed down.

 5. China

Movies like ‘3 Idiots’, ‘Taare Zameen Par’, ‘PK’ among others have attracted Chinese audience to the theatres. Basically, Aamir Khan movies have given Bollywood a boost in China, so much so that ‘Dangal’ smashed box office records in China by collecting over 1200 crores successfully. Now that’s some fan following!

 6. Peru

Action movies and Bollywood songs have taken over the young generation of Peru. Past decade has been great for Bollywood movies in Peru. Even with less than 500 Indians residing in the country, our movies still have a viewership of about 1 Lakh locals residing in Peru. And it will just get uphill from here.

 7. Nigeria

Recently, Nigeria has established itself as one of the top most film industries in the world. But they have been long time Bollywood fans. And just the our father’s generation, they were receptive to older Hindi films as opposed to the recent ones. Classics like ‘Mother India’ have done great business there, back in the 60s.

 8. UAE

The three Khan’s rule Bollywood today in India but UAE belongs to Salman Khan. Salman Khan has always enjoyed a die-hard fans are everywhere in the world. Many of Salman’s world tours for movie promotions include UAE because of this reason and every time he visits, the response is overwhelming.

 9. Poland

Shah Rukh Khan is probably the most popular Bollywood actor in the world. For many, Bollywood is Shah Rukh Khan and Poland, as a country could be a part of such list. His songs, his movies, his signature steps everything is popular in Poland. ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’ stands to be Shah Rukh’s insanely popular film in the country. Newspaper companies on Poland have also distributed Bollywood movies’ DVDs along with the newspaper to increase their sales.

 10. Germany

Another country that is Shah Rukh’s fan is Germany. He has a huge dedicated fandom in Germany as well and his movies are quite a rage there. In fact, when he was shooting for Don 2, there was a huge crowd gathered just to have a look at their favourite superstar. And you thoughts only Indians stop by to see a Bollywood film’s shooting.

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