10 Countries In The World Which Are Super Crazy For Bollywood


Bollywood has surprised its audiences with movies time and again that leaves you wanting for more. Bollywood has made super crazy fans not just in India but throughout the world. Here’s the list of countries in the world which are super crazy for Bollywood.


After the release of Dangal, Bollywood realized its potential in China.Films like Bajrani Bhaijan and Hindi Medium were also accepted with the same craze and earned millions.


The craze of Bollywood in Egypt is so high that the government had to ban Bollywood movies to promote their local movies. However, the ban has been lifted now letting the locals here enjoy their favorite cinema.


Despite of bitter relations with India, the people of Pakistan could not keep themselves from loving our cinema. The youth there loves Salman and Shahrukh just equally as we do and the demand for Indian movies there is always high.



People in Poland love Salman Khan. They are extremely fond of Bollywood music and dance, their love for Indian cinema is certainly on a rise.


The credits for the love that people of Germany have for Bollywood goes to Shahrukh Khan. Their craze for Indian cinema increased after Shahrukh’s ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’.


The people of Afghanistan also couldn’t keep themselves from loving Bollywood and especially Salman. Actually, people there worship Salman as an actor.


SRK has a major fan following in  Latin America, especially, in Peru. The people there are fond of Bollywood drama and SRK’s movies  are always a major hit in parts of Brazil and Colombia as well.


The Nigerians are a huge fan of Bollywood movies and usually prefer 80s movies from Indian cinema. They love Sanjay Dutt and locally call him ‘Dan Daba Mai Lasin’ which literally means a hooligan with a license.


Kareena Kapoor Khan is highly popular in Nicaragua and Indian movies with Spanish subtitles are common in its capital. They also have their own term for Bollywood dancing and it’s called Dance-Indu. There are also places where you can learn how to ‘maro a thumka’.


UAE is so obsessed with Indian cinema that they have a huge theme park dedicated to it. Also, Bollywood stars visit Dubai frequently to do  sold-out performances there and gather a huge crowd.

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Ketki Varshney

Sr. Copyeditor at QuirkyByte
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