Comparison With Janhvi Kapoor & Ananya Pandey Doesnot Worry Sara Ali Khan

In the year that passed by, we have seen many young actors make their debuts on the big screen. Sara Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor & Ananya Pandey are three-star kids who entered the industry with a bang, and box-office could not avoid taking notice of them as promising actors.

While these 3 are unique in their own, and each of them is exploring their talent and potential in their own way, they are constantly compared with each other. Sara shares what she feels this deed.

Sara who was on the cover of Femina recently was asked how she feels about being constantly pitted against Janhvi and Ananya. She replied,

“Comparison and competition is part and parcel of our profession. I don’t get bothered; there’s space for everybody here, and both of us are confident and secure in our respective places. We don’t hold anything against each other or the media; we know that it’s part of their job to do what they do. We are here to be actors; nothing works more than individualism.”

When she was asked whether these two are her rivals, she said,

“I disagree. Whether it’s me and Janhvi (Kapoor) or me and Ananya (Panday), we do have more in common with each other than we do with other people. We are young debutantes trying to make it big in a world we have only dreamed about. I am happy, confident, and content with the place I have, and I am sure they are too. I don’t think we need to treat each other as rivals, but as friends that we already are. Competition in any field keeps you on your toes; it’s a healthy vibe where we can all coexist.”

Nice Going.

Janhvi Kapoor Ananya Pandey Sara Ali Khan
Janhvi Kapoor Ananya Pandey Sara Ali Khan

Meanwhile, talking about her upcoming projects, she will next be seen on the big screen in Imtiaz Ali’s sequel to Love Aaj Kal. Kartik Aaryan, her rumored boyfriend, will be her male lead in the flick.


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