Child Requests Sonu Sood to Send Her Mother To Nani’s Place. Here’s His Answer

As we all are well aware of the fact that Sonu Sood has been on the frontlines when it comes to Bollywood coming to the rescue of migrants who want a ride back home but cannot do so due to the lack of funds.

So, Sonu has taken a vow that he will not rest unless and until there is no migrant left with an unfulfilled wish in his/her heart to get back home. And seeing his determination he has been receiving a lot of requests, some that make sense, some senseless and some that leave social media in splits.

Child Requests Sonu Sood
Child Requests Sonu Sood

In one such incident, one little girl overheard her father wishing that whether Sonu Sood could send her mother (his wife) back to her grandmother aka Nani’s place.

These kids of today. Don’t go on her age. This girl wasted no time and posted a video on Sonu’s Twitter account asking Sonu to fulfill her father’s wish. Sonu when he took notice of this video gave the below response.

Child Requests Sonu Sood
Child Requests Sonu Sood

“Now this is something very challenging. Will try my best,” penned Sonu as an answer to the child’s request. The kid could be heard saying in the video, “Sonu Uncle… I’ve heard you are sending people home. So, Papa is asking, will you be able to send Mumma to Nani house? Let me know.”

A Twitter user shared the video writing,

“Very Very Urgent Demand @SonuSood, So Kindly Notice And Please Fulfill The Same !!!!”

Have a look at this Twitter conversation here:

Apart from this video, Sonu has received several requests from people wanting to visit beauty parlors and liquor shops. Sonu has been branded as a hero after videos of him sending migrant workers from Mumbai to UP and Bihar, in short, the hometowns of the migrant workers, made rounds on social media.

Talking about work, Sonu has been renowned for his villainous roles in Salman Khan’s ‘Dabangg’ and Ranveer Singh’s ‘Simmba‘.


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