Chahatt Khanna Tells Why She Will be a ‘Completely New Person’ This B’day

Popular TV Actress: Chahatt Khanna has revealed that secret element that will help her become a ‘Completely New Person’ on her impending B’ day. Chahatt also revealed that the ongoing coronavirus lockdown has been given her time to work on her mental health too.

When it comes to TV Star: Chahatt Khanna. She is of the opinion that one should always be open and honest about her life whether it is about being a single mother or battling with depression and mental health.

Depression and Mental Health issues are a part of the global entertainment industry and a surge in suicides in the last few years is standing proof. All this happens because unlike other professions there is no job security here. And every newcomer knows it from day one.

Coming back to Chahatt. She recently gave an interview where she talked about juggling work and her 2 daughters, Zohar and Amaira, and said that it is all exhausting and overwhelming, sometimes even stressful but full of joy in the end.

Chahatt Khanna B’day
Chahatt Khanna B’day

Chahatt also spoke about her battle with depression and revealed that her near and dear ones are always advising her to not be so vocal but rebel Chahatt wants to be honest about her struggles.

“My friend recently said ‘why do you have to talk about everything so openly? Our society is such that some things are better to not be spoken about’. I said I know that, but I am also so overwhelmed with whatever I am going through, I had to spill the beans. I am not a person who can keep things too much to herself. I have to come out. People advising to not speak up is something that does happen.”

Chahatt Khanna B’day
Chahatt Khanna B’day

Chahatt also revealed,

“It has been quite life-changing. It has changed me as a person, and done beautiful things to me, including my mental, emotional, and physical health. I have got so much beautiful time in my life, which I would have never got. It has completely allowed me to become a whole new person. On my upcoming birthday, I will be a completely new person.”


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