Like Most Celebrity Kids Suhana Khan Loves Social Media Stardom

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s first-child, Suhana Khan, has flooded her official Instagram with an in-house library photoshoot. This is something common, that celebrity kids from all across the globe make it to the headlines now and then. In most cases, it is their desire and such things go up in-stock especially when they are ready to make their career debut. The same is the story with Bollywood’s Badshah aka Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan.

Suhana looks stunning in her latest viral pics flaunting long locks and on-fleek makeup. Reversing the trend, Suhana has become her mom Gauri’s inspiration, and this mother-daughter duo posts the star kid’s stylish moments on social media pages at regular intervals. In the recent past, Suhana took to her Instagram and shared a few pics giving a pose standing in her in-house library. In these pics, she could be seen reading James Dean by George Perry based on the late American actor’s life.

Suhana is a natural beauty in a black singlet top clubbed with a green crochet skirt. In the first pic, she is seen posing candidly while reading the book. While in the second pic, she poses for a closeup shot flaunting her on-fleek makeup. And last but not least in the last pic, Suhana is seen giving an intense look showing her long locks while sitting in the library. Suhana captioned her post with the words that read, “walked into the room, you know you made my eyes burn it was like James Dean”.

Sometime back when Shah Rukh was asked about Suhana’s career plans, he had said,

“Suhana wants to be an actress. I see that zeal in her. She’s extremely good on stage, I’ve seen her performances. But my point is simple — you need to complete your education before doing anything. That’s the only thing I have told my children. Otherwise, they are free to be in the film industry, not be in it and do whatever they like. I will be supportive of whatever they want to do.”


Gaurav Gupta

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