CarryMinati’s YouTube Event Raises 11 Lakh For Assam-Bihar Floods 

Doing his bit, popular Youtuber, CarryMinati a.k.a. Ajay Negar raised over Rs 11 lakh to donate in CM Relief Fund to help those affected by Assam and Bihar floods. CarryMinati posted a notification that he will be conducting a live stream on YouTube to raise money to help those affected in Assam and Bihar floods. And his good online intentions paid off, as the YouTuber raised 10.3 lakhs from the event and he also said that he will add Rs. 1 lakh from his pocket to the amount.

CarryMinati’s YouTube Event
CarryMinati’s YouTube Event

After this successful event came to an end, CarryMinati visited his official Twitter handle and wrote a tweet that read,

“Thank you to each one of you who supported this noble cause and helped in gathering INR 10,31,137 for Assam & Bihar on the charity stream today. I will be adding INR 1,00,000 to this amount. I am proud of you all”.

Below have a look at his tweet:

CarryMinati’s YouTube Event
CarryMinati’s YouTube Event

While CarryMinati was making an official announcement about this live stream event’s date he also made a promise that the person who makes the highest contribution to this charity,  will receive a shoutout from him. The live stream lasted for over six hours.

Before that, a news report stated that CarryMinati’s YouTuber friend Ashish Chanchlani had also taken the initiative and donated INR 1 lakh towards Assam and Bihar CM Relief Fund. Ashish had also said that he did so because he wanted other people to take an initiative and donate money towards those affected by the floods in the North-Eastern parts of India.

CarryMinati’s YouTube Event

Talking about floods in eastern and northeastern states of India like Bihar and Assam. These floods are an annual happening whenever monsoon arrives on the Indian mainland and to date, nothing solid has been done so that this annual event can be brought to a stop permanently for the common people’s good.


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