Boney Kapoor Blasts Kerala DGP For His Comments on Late Wife Sridevi’s Death

Just last week, Kerala DGP (Prisons) Rishiraj Singh penned a column for Kerala Kaumudi newspaper’s front page, where he mentioned that Sridevi’s death ‘might not have been due to accidental drowning’ but a planned murder. His husband Boney Kapoor reacted to these sensational claims with anger while speaking to an online portal.

Boney called DGP’s claims sensational. Speaking to Spotboy, these were his exact words,

“I don’t want to react to such stupid stories. There is no need to react because such stupid stories keep coming. Basically, this is somebody’s figment of imagination.”

Boney Kapoor Blasts Kerala DGP Who Claimed That His Late Wife: Sridevi’s Death Might Be A Murder And Not An Accident
Boney Kapoor Blasts Kerala DGP Who Claimed That His Late Wife: Sridevi’s Death Might Be A Murder And Not An Accident

These were DGP Rishiraj’s words, that invited this angry reaction from Boney Kapoor. He wrote,

“My friend and the late forensic expert Dr. Umadathan had told me long back that Sridevi’s death might have been a murder and not an accidental death. This he told me when I asked him about Sridevi’s death, out of curiosity.”

Rishiraj further added,

“According to him, a person will never drown in one-foot deep water, however much he drinks. He will drown only if somebody holds both his legs and sinks his head into the water.”

For those who have not that much knowledge about the series of events that led to Sridevi’s sudden and untimely death. She was off-shore for a function and for some reason she went to her room to have some rest, leaving the party in between and when Boney Kapoor his husband went to check on her and was unable to get the door opened after giving a lot of calls to Sridevi, he made a forced entry into the room and found Sridevi drowned to death in the bathtub.

Post mortem report quoted alcohol above permitted limits in Sridevi’s blood to be the reason behind her death.

Sridevi was not a person popular for uncontrolled drinking in the industry and bathtubs are not that much deep that a mature middle aged person can die in it from sinking even in an inebriated state.

All these facts force people, especially her fans doubt her death as being an accident.


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