8 Bollywood Stars Who Spent Their Last Days in Poverty

Bollywood Stars Spent Last Days in Poverty:

The glamorous world of Bollywood is not that glamorous behind the scenes. A celebrity’s life is completely different from what we see on television and on social media. It might seem that everything is fine and perfect in their world, but in reality, things might be the complete opposite. The glamour and attention have their own dark sides which we are not aware of. Many stars in the industry were once famous in their hay day, but towards the end, they spent their lives in poverty and loneliness.

 1. Parveen Babi

She was considered to be one of the most alluring personalities in the history of cinema. She had an extraordinary career spanning 15 years. At the peak of her career, she left the industry and traveled the world. She was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. In the end, she didn’t have enough money to keep her treatments going. As a result, she died in her own house.

 2. Meena Kumari

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It was often said that her looks were synonymous with the word beautiful. She was very talented and brilliant at her work. It’s heartbreaking to know that a person like her died penniless.

 3. Bharat Bhushan

Very talented man of 50s, Bharat Bhushan had a gambling addiction. He lost all of his savings in it. It was so bad that he ended up living in a chawl during his last days.

 4. Bhagwan Dada

He found success as an actor, director, and writer. He was a very talented person but due to a series of flop movies, he lost all of his money. He had to sell a 25-bedroom Juhu house and his fleet of 7 cars. He had to move to a chawl with his family. He died in 2002 at the age of 89.

 5. Raj Kiran

The famous actor, Raj Kiran, was a dear friend to Rishi Kapoor. He had a family crisis which led to his family abandoning him. He disappeared for almost 10 years. In an interview, Rishi Kapoor told TOI “I decided to look up Raj’s elder brother Govind Mehtani to find out about Raj. I was so relieved when Govind told me Raj was alive. But he was confined to an institution in Atlanta due to health problems”

 6. Nalini Jaywant

Bollywood Stars Spent Last Days in Poverty
Bollywood Stars Spent Last Days in Poverty

She had a career for almost 20 years. She did over 50 movies during that period, and despite that, she did not a live a very happy life. She died a tragically lonely death in 2010 in her Chembur bungalow.

 7. Vimi

She was a very famous actress in the 70s. it’s believed that she went into depression after divorcing her husband which lead to her tragic death.

 8. A. K. Hangal

Bollywood Stars Spent Last Days in Poverty
Bollywood Stars Spent Last Days in Poverty

A.K. Hangal was a brilliant actor. He did countless super hit movies during his time. Despite that, he had no money to treat his condition. It’s said that even Amitabh Bachchan helped him and gave him twenty lakhs for his treatment.

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