6 Bollywood Movies Whose Plots Are Similar to Hollywood Movies

Bollywood Movies Similar to Hollywood:

It’s a known fact that Bollywood takes inspiration from all over the world, and that includes Hollywood. There are several Bollywood movies which are inspired by Hollywood and are remade here in our country with the desi touch. We are more than glad to see these Bollywood creators being inspired by these cult Hollywood movies and their iconic scenes to make an idea of their own.

1. Agneepath

Agneepath was a blockbuster in every sense. The dialogues and actors were just brilliant. You will be amazed to know that Ageepath was inspired by the movie Al Pacino’s Scarface. Even the iconic scene was inspired.

2. Khoon Bhari Maang

Rekha and Kiran Bedi starrer Khoon Bhari Maang’s entire plot was pretty much similar to Return to Eden. Return to Eden revolves around a wealthy woman who marries a guy thinking that he is in deep love with her only to find out that the guy wants to inherit all her movies by killing her. We know what happens after that, don’t we?

3. Judwaa

Salman Khan starrer Judwaa was inspired by Jackie Chan’s movie twin dragons. The plot is completely the same. The story revolves around twin brothers who are separated at birth and struggle to live a normal life as they are mistaken for each other.

4. Maan

The plot of Maan is pretty much similar to An Affair to Remember. We cannot ignore the resemblance these two movies have. The main characters meet on a cruise ship. Despite being in a relationship with someone else, they decide to meet again. The plot and the way characters behave is similar to each other but of course, the Indian version a bit different as a little bit of Desi touch was added.

5. Mohabbatien

Mohabbatien is similar to the famous Dead Poet’s Society. They both have an English teacher who encourages their students to break free and believe in yourself.

6. Bunty Aur Babli

Films That Inspired Commit Crimes

Bunty Aur Babli was inspired by Bonnie and Clyde. The protagonists are two people from a small town who fall in love with each other and decide to rob and con people for money only to become famous and rich.

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