Popular Bollywood Movies Based on Reincarnation

Bollywood Movies on Reincarnation:

It seems Bollywood was obsessed with the concept of reincarnation. It was overly used in the ’80s-’90s. There were so many movies on it. Even though the concept in itself is surreal, Bollywood failed to capture the magic on screen. In 1949, Mahal was the first Bollywood movie on reincarnation. It was Madhubala’s first movie opposite Ashok Kumar, and it was Lata Mangeshkar’s debut movie as well. It was a commercial success, and since then, this idea is used over and over again.

 1. Om Shaanti Om

Deepika Padukone’s debut movie, Om Shaanti Om, was commercially successful. Shanti Priya, a superstar of the Indian Film Industry, is killed by her producer husband. Om, her admirer, is the witness of her death but is killed in a car accident. He tales rebirth to avenge the death of Shanti.

 2. Love Story 2050

Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja starrer Love Story 2050 was not a success at all. Sana and Karan are madly in love with each other. Before they got married, Sana dies in a car accident. Devastated by the incident, Karan decides to time travel to 2050, where he meets Ziesha, a successful singer and Sana’s reincarnation. He tells everything to her and make her travel back to 2008 and then proposes her for marriage. Now you know why it bombed, right?

 3. Karan Arjun

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan starrer Karan Arjun was a super hit movie of its time. Karan and Arjun brutally killed to deprive them of their rights to their property. Their widow mother prays to goddess Kali to bring them back and avenge their death.

 4. Neel Kamal

Manoj Kumar and Waheeda Rehman starrer Neel Kamal was about Waheeda’s character who reincarnates, and somehow her disorder is related to her past life love life. The makes have shown two different storylines. In the first storyline, Waheeda’s character is a Rajkumari, Neel Kamal. She is in love with a royal painter, who is later executed by the king. In another narrative, Waheeda’s character reincarnates as Sita and as a sleepwalking disorder, and while she sleepwalks, she is seen talking to her past life lover.

 5. Karz

Rishi Kapoor and Raj Kiran starrer Karz was a movie based on reincarnation but with a twist. Raj Kiran’s character (Ravi) is killed by Simi Grewal’s character Kamini only to find out that Ravi is reborn as Rishi Kapoor (Monty) to avenge his death.

 6. Raabta

Sushant Singh and Kirti Sanon’s, Raabta, is an engaging story with entertaining characters. Sushant and Kirti’s characters meet in picturesque Budapest and realize they might have a history together. Kirti’s character gets frequent flashbacks of her past life, and then she meets the antagonist of the film, Jim Sarbh. Soon after, she realizes that her past life was dramatic AF, and a similar sort of a thing could happen in her current life.

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