List of 7 Bollywood Movies Every Girl Should Watch

Bollywood is a nonstop movie churning machine giving candy to its audiences. They make movies for all people across ages and gender. But there are some that make movies that appeal to a particular genre. And this is the category that interests me the most. There are a whole lot of Bollywood movies every girl should watch no matter what!! Well, it’s not about feminism, but about how sensitive these movies are for the lady watchers!! Just for the sake of pure entertainment, no questions asked and no eyebrows raised. Here is a list of Bollywood movies every girl should watch.

 1. Queen

The absolutely stunning Kangana Ranaut in a stunning movie that shows the transformation of a desi girl into a strong and independent woman.

 2. English Vinglish

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The movie saw a stellar performance by the late Sridevi as the middle-aged woman who emerges from the shadows of her family and finds herself.

 3. Highway

Bollywood Movies Shot in Kashmir

The movie is about Stockholm syndrome and projected beautifully by Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda. Scintillating music and action keep the movie upbeat.

 4. Arth

The movie had two of the most powerful actors as the leads, Smita Patil and Shabana Azmi. The story of betrayal and love lost directed beautifully by Mahesh Bhatt.

 5. Kahaani

Bollywood Movies Every Girl Should Watch

The movie with a thrilling twist. It is about a pregnant woman portrayed by Vidya Balan who is on a mission to find her husband’s murderer. It is a must watch!!!

 6. Nil Battey Sannata

An emotive performance by Swara Bhaskar as a domestic help trying to get her daughter educated. A must watch.

 7. Astitva

An award-winning movie that touched taboo topics where a woman gives in to her pleasures. It dealt with topics like marital abuse, an extramarital affair and male chauvinism. Tabu gave a stellar performance in the movie.

These Bollywood movies might seem a little heavy but they are worth a watch especially if you enjoy good storylines accompanied by equally good performances.

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