Iconic Bollywood Movies That Earned Today’s Currency

Bollywood Movies Earned Today’s Currency:

Bollywood is all about creating magic on the big screen with the right actors, storyline, and direction. And most importantly, it’s the amount of revenue that every Bollywood movie earns that decides its status as a blockbuster or dead sinker. Iconic Bollywood forms the crème de la crème of the industry. How much these iconic Bollywood movies that earned in today’s currency gives them the edge all the rest!!

 1. Mughal –E- Azam

Mughal –E- Azam released in the year 1960 and is one of the most iconic Bollywood movies of all time. The movie earned 110 million which is equivalent to 134 million in today’s currency.

 2. Mother India

Mother India released in the year 1957 and was a memorable epic drama. The movie won much acclaim for its portrayal of Indian society and life. The movie earned an estimated 80 million which is equivalent to almost 13 million in today’s currency.

 3. Sholay

Dacoit Films in Bollywood

Sholay released in the year 1975 and can be branded as one of the most iconic Bollywood movies of all time. The movie was an action-adventure that holds sway at the hearts of the audience even today. The movie earned almost 350 million at the time which is estimated at close to 17 million in today’s currency.

 4. Awara

Awara released in the year 1951 and was a blockbuster in its time. The movie made a whopping 156 million in its days which is estimated at around 963 crores in today’s currency.

 5. Coolie

Bollywood Actors Injured While Shooting

Coolie released in the year 1983 and is probably one of the most iconic movies ever to be made. The movie made close to 8 million which comes to 801 crores in today’s currency.

 6. Bobby

Bobby released in the year 1973 and is considered an iconic romantic movie. The movie launched the chocolate boy hero Rishi Kapoor and the pretty belle Dimple Kapadia as the unmatched pair. The movie made an estimated 30 crores which are equivalent to almost 1400 crores in today’s currency.

These iconic Bollywood movies that earned millions in today’s currency and proved that nothing beats a good storyline and character portrayal.

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