Bollywood Movies Based on Terrorism

Bollywood Movies Based on Terrorism:

Cinema is seen as one of the primary sources of information. In recent years, terrorism has become a global issue reaching every nook and cranny of cities and towns worldwide. Terrorism has no color, creed or religion and is often subject of many movies worldwide. Often these acts of terror have been transformed into Bollywood movies and have turned the attention of the masses to the imminent dangers of terrorism and its psyche.

Here is a list of Bollywood movies based on terrorism:

  • Maachis – Directed by Gulzar, the Tabu and Chandrachur Singh starrer was set amidst the terrorism wave in Punjab during the 1980’s.
  • Dil Se.. – Mani Ratnam pulled together terrorism and love with a sensitive thread when love blossoms between a man and a suicide bomber, amidst the trials of the Assamese during the Indo-China border.
  • Bombay –The movie was set around the 1992 Bombay riots, post the demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya.
Bollywood Movies Based on Terrorism
Bollywood Movies Based on Terrorism
  • Roja – Another Mani Ratnam movie about a Tamilian couple who go to Kashmir and the husband is abducted by militants.
  • Mission Kashmir – Based on the issue of insurgency in Kashmir, this film is about a Kashmiri boy Altaaf who loses his entire family to a police firing.
  • Fanaa – The movie is about a terrorist who moonlights as a guide in Delhi falls in love with a Kashmiri blind girl, played by Kajol.
  • Haider – Based in Kashmir, Haider is overwhelmed by the issues of insurgency.
Bollywood Movies Based on Terrorism
Bollywood Movies Based on Terrorism
  • Fitoor – With insurgency in the backdrop this is a gripping love story.
  • Dev – A Govind Nihalani movie is never an easy watch and so was Fardeen Khanand Kareena starrer Dev. Venturing into the isolation of Muslims during the post-Gujarat scenario, and the polarisation that builds up, Dev disturbs you to the bones.
  • The Attacks of 26/11 –Directed by Ram Gopal Verma, the movie takes you through the events in lucid details, it forces you to face the psychology of Kasab as well.
  • Black FridayAnurag Kashyap‘s story delves into the 1993 bombings in Mumbai through the narratives of the people involved.
  • New York – The movie put forth the plight of thousands of Muslims who were now eyed, stared, glared and ruined.
Bollywood Movies Based on Terrorism
Bollywood Movies Based on Terrorism
  • Kurbaan – A movie that explored the other side of terror and how they get involved in these acts and change their lives forever.
  • A Wednesday – Neeraj Pandey‘s, A Wednesday, is about how an unnamed man brings the whole police force of Mumbai on its toes, forcing them to release some particular militants.
  • Fiza – A quest of a sister to find out her lost brother during the Bombay riots in 1993, the Karisma Kapoorstarrer Fiza was just one of the millions of untold stories.
  • Aamir byRajkumar Gupta, a gripping portrayal of a man forced to turn a suicide bomber.
  • Omerta by Hansal Mehta is a gripping thriller centered on the life of Omar Saeed Sheikh who wreacked havoc on Indian soil.
  • Raazi by Meghna Gulzar is based on the novel Calling Sehmat by Harinder Sikka. A story about a young spy of Indian origin.
Bollywood Movies Based on Terrorism
Bollywood Movies Based on Terrorism
  • Uri is a thriller focusing on the bravery and strategic brilliance of the Indian Army in selectively attacking terror camps across the Pakistan border.

Its human nature to want to make order out of chaos, and these films speak to a collective yearning for answers and understanding in the aftermath of tragedy. The role of terrorism and the War on Terror have become increasingly prominent within political and cinematic climates. Filmmakers with experience and with dedicated teams working on writing and research for films that adapt real life terrorism is a positive sign for Hindi cinema.

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