List of Bollywood Movies Based on Hockey, The Forgotten National Sport

Sports movies have been the trending genre for the past few years for the audience’s love to watch sports and Bollywood together. And if you might have noticed, there have been quite a few movies on hockey among those numerous sports movies. And almost, all of them have fared well at the box office as well as earned good reviews from the critics. Hockey as a sport may be struggling a bit with its popularity right now in the country but these Bollywood movies based on Hockey have surely helped in slowly regaining people’s lost interest in this particular sport. We have brought together hockey sports Bollywood movies and has made a list for your convenience. Presenting – Bollywood movies based on Hockey, The Forgotten National Sport.

 1. Chak De! India

Bollywood Movies Based on Hockey

Chak De! India is one movie which is probably the best sports movie ever made in Bollywood. In fact, this movie began the era of sports movies in the country. Indian’s Women’s Hockey Team’s journey to the World Cup is nothing but spellbinding. Shah Rukh Khan as the Tughlaq Coach and the 15 girls, his students win the World Cup and the audience’s hearts. The movie is made with so much passion that every time you watch this film, even though you know the climax and how it ends, it keeps on the edge of your seats. The movie brought back the honour and respect for our national sport, hockey which it rightfully deserves.

 2. Gold

The filmmakers lately have been squeezing the talent out of an amazing actor in Bollywood, Akshay Kumar who never falls short of his acting ability and this time it was with Gold, one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Gold released in theatres about three weeks ago and is still going strong. Gold is a historical drama set up in 1948 when India was still struggling to find its ground post-Independence. This movie will unravel the story of a man who dreamt of bringing a Gold medal in Hockey in the Olympics for India as a free nation. The movie takes you back when Hockey was India’s strongest sport.

 3. Soorma

Another one is added to the sports biopics of Bollywood this year with Soorma. Diljit Dosanjh played the lead role of an Indian hockey player, Sandeep Singh. It is an inspiring story of a hockey player who was paralyzed below the waist for about two years due to an injury shoots back to the field because of his strong willpower and dedication. Sandeep Singh’s story touched many hearts and Diljit Dosanjh’s acting brought the character live on-screen.

 4. Speedy Singhs

Speedy Singhs is a Canadian sports comedy film which was produced by none other than the ‘Gold’ star, Akshay Kumar. The movie also features Vinay Virmani along with Anupam Kher and the popular Indian-Canadian stand-up comedian, Russell Peters. The movie is about a young Sikh man who is passionate about playing but his father is adamant about not letting him play the game. How he secretly becomes a part of a Sikh Hockey team and wins the tournament and his father’s blessings is what the movie is about. Though the movie did not receive positive feedback from the audience, it is a one-time watch. The movie was made in English and Punjabi and was later dubbed in Hindi for Bollywood fans.

 5. Unnamed Biopic of Dhyan Chand

There is hardly anybody in the country who does not know about Major Dhyan Chand. The name itself is enough to remind you of a man with a powered up hockey stick in his hand. It is rumoured that Dharma Productions, helmed by Karan Johar along with Aarti Shetty and Pooja Shetty will bring the Hockey Legend, Dhyan Chand to the big screen soon. The lead actor to play Dhyan Chand in his biopic is yet to be zeroed in by the filmmakers but the recent names that have cropped up that could play the titular role are Varun Dhawan, Ranbir Kapoor, and Shah Rukh Khan. The hockey legend had a successful career with over a thousand goals and 3 Olympic campaigns in his name. The audiences would love to watch this historic character on-screen and would want to know how he came to become such a legend in his life. Whoever plays him in the movie, it is definitely gonna be a hit.

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