List of 10 Bollywood Movies Which Are Banned in Pakistan

India and Pakistan has always had a love-hate relationship. And when it comes to Bollywood, it is no different. Where we have artists come over from Pakistan to try their luck and earn fame in our world famous Bollywood film industry, Pakistanis also rely on Bollywood movies for entertainment. Now, we mostly love the Pakistani talent, be it Fawad Khan for his looks or Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for his voice, and mostly our movies like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, PK, do great business in Pakistan as well but there are times where we both ban each other from the entertainment industry. And this time we will talk about Bollywood movies which are banned in Pakistan. Have a look:

 1. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Bollywood Movies Which Are Banned in Pakistan

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, a story about an Indian field sprinter, Milkha Singh, was an inspirational yet a very emotional movie. Its success encouraged filmmakers to make more sports movies and also popularised biopics. But Pakistan did not see the light of this movie because the movie delves into the very sensitive part in the Indian history and that is the issue of partition.

 2. Padman

Now, this movie in India brought about a very evident change for it talked about the tabooed topics – Periods and Sanitary Napkins. Akshay Kumar and Radhika Apte starrer Padman attempted to normalise these not-so-liked and frowned upon part of a woman’s life. Some who did not wish to change might have skipped the movie and so did Pakistan because maybe they prefer hushed tones than progressive mouths.

 3. Ek Tha Tiger

Ek Tha Tiger was a huge success here in India because one, it is a Salman Khan Movie and second, it is a very well made love story with a strong script. It is a love story of an ISI (Premiere Intelligence Agency of Pakistan) agent and a RAW (Foreign Intelligence Agency of India) agent. That is reason enough to ban this movie in Pakistan because how can an ISI agent fall in love with a RAW agent in a fictional story? Hence, banned!

 4. Baby

Baby is an Indian spy thriller film which is another Akshay Kumar’s film banned in Pakistan. This movie deals in terrorism and the team is on a mission to eliminate an upcoming terror attack in the country. Now, according to Pakistan Censor Board, this movie portrays Pakistan in a bad and a negative light which is why they censored the whole movie and decided to ban it in their country.

 5. Tere Bin Laden

I am sure you know the reason why this movie was not released in Pakistan. The name of the movie is enough for you to guess but in case, you didn’t realise it yet, it is because the movie is a comical take on OSAMA BIN LADEN, the most dangerous terrorist back then. And that is a risk which Pakistan government did not think was worth taking.

 6. The Dirty Picture

Vidya Balan has been breaking stereotypes ever since she’s got in the industry. Her movie choices speak about that more than anything else. And The Dirty Picture took it to another level. The controversial life of ‘Silk’ was portrayed with such honesty that one could see through the character’s depth. But according to the Pakistan censor board, the sultry Silk was too bold for Pakistan audiences; which is why they decided to ban it.

 7. Dangal

Dangal broke all box office records here in the country and was much loved for everything, its music, acting of the lead and the supporting actors and of course, the script but Pakistan apparently wanted the scenes with India’s National Anthem and National flag to be slashed from the film to which Aamir Khan, as the producer of the film denied to comply.

 8. Udta Punjab

Udta Punjab was in a sense, an accurate portrayal of the careless usage of drugs in Punjab and inconsiderate indulgence of the youth in it. With that, the movie also had an excessive usage of cuss words and foul language which Pakistan did not want its audience to see, hence they banned the movie.

 9. Neerja

Neerja, for India is an inspirational movie of a 23 year old air hostess who does not have a big heart but also is brave enough to fight the terrorists. In the movie, Karachi Airport is the place from where the terrorists get in the plane and that simply puts Pakistan in a negative light. So, no Neerja for Pakistan Bollywood fans.

 10. Haider

Haider, an adaptation of Hamlet by the very talented Vishal Bhardwaj, is based in Kashmir. Apart from religion, if there is anything sensitive for both the countries, India and Pakistan, it is the controversial Kashmir. This is the reason, Pakistan decided to ban this movie.

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